One Photo: Liberty Theatre Sign In Wenatchee

Liberty Theatre Sign In Wenatchee

Finding great examples of old painted business names or advertising still left on the region’s old buildings always makes me stop and take a photo.

This colorful advertisement for the Liberty Theatre, still operating in Downtown Wenatchee by the way, is a real thing of beauty. Commonly referred to as “ghost signs”, they offer a unique look at local history.

Local History: Earthquake Point Between Wenatchee and Lake Chelan

Earthquake Point Marker

Located just north of the small town of Entiat and right along the Columbia River, between Wenatchee and Lake Chelan, is a historical marker that details Earthquake Point. The area is also known as Ribbon Cliff and Broken Mountain. It’s little more than a crumbling hillside and an informational sign.

Earthquake Point Hillside

Near the end of 1872, a huge earthquake hit at this spot and it caused a huge amount of debris to break away from the mountain and tumble down into the Columbia River. This is one of the major rivers of the Pacific Northwest and the entire country. Enough debris had come down that day that it actually completely dammed the river for several hours. The idea of a rock slide big enough to block the entire Columbia River is staggering.

As you look around towards the river, you can see remnants of this landslide, with rock outcroppings peeking out from the river’s water. There are even small islands left in this part of the river, all made of rock that came down during the earthquake that gave this spot its name.

Read the historical marker and take some photos. It’s pretty impressive, even with the later development that came along like the highway, railroad, power lines, and farms across the river.

Earthquake Point Marker

Earthquake Point is another of the many great historical spots to stop and see when taking a road trip through the Pacific Northwest.

A Luxurious Waterfront Estate Between Chelan And Wenatchee

Lake Entiat Waterfront Estate

North Central Washington is totally worth being put on the list of road trip destinations to make. When you go there you can visit places like Lake Chelan, Grand Coulee Dam, Soap Lake, Dry Falls, the Methow Valley, the North Cascades Highway, and the Okanogan Valley. There are also a number of great state parks there, including Steamboat Rock State Park, Lake Wenatchee State Park, and Lake Chelan State Park. North Central Washington also features some fun communities worth visiting like Moses Lake, Wenatchee, Omak, Okanogan, Conconully, Winthrop, Leavenworth, and Cashmere. Another feature that dominates the landscape of this region is the Columbia River.

If you’re needing a base of operations to explore North Central Washington from, the Orondo area is pretty centrally located. You can stay there at this waterfront estate and have the time of your life. In fact, staying in a place might make it hard to tear yourself away and venture out to those other locations.

Lake Entiat Waterfront Estate

When you stay at this luxurious waterfront estate you’ll be treating yourself to an amazing vacation home. The house comfortably sleeps up to 16 people and features four bedrooms and four bathrooms. The dining area is large and the kitchen is fully equipped, perfect for feeding one or two people, even a small family, on up to a large group or extended family. The house features internet access, television, Bluetooth speaker capability throughout, and a number of private areas so that even at full capacity, people won’t be tripping over each other. There is also a media room with a 120 inch screen and projector too.

Lake Entiat Waterfront Estate

Step outside this home and into the backyard and that’s where you fall in love with the property. Right outside the backdoor is a full sized pool, perfect for adults and kids. Go beyond that and you’ll find the welcoming Columbia River, complete with a boat dock with a ladder to get down into or get up out of the water. Swimming in the river on a hot summer day can be the perfect ending to time outdoors in North Central Washington. that’s not all you can do there though. The home comes with kayaks and paddle boards that you are free to use, and even its own boat launch too. Combine all those things with a good sized backyard that is perfect for all kinds of outdoor games and it’s very easy to see just why renting this vacation home on the Columbia River could be one of the best travel decisions you ever make.

Lake Entiat Waterfront Estate

Visit this impressive property:
Douglas County, Washington

One Photo:  The Pybus Public Market Sign In Wenatchee

At NWRoadtrips, we love signs.  This includes modern signs, neon signs, vintage signs, traffic signs, historical signs, and ghost signs.  The “Public Market” sign at Pybus Public Market in Wenatchee is one of the great signs in Washington State.

Looking up into Wenatchee towards the hillsides beyond is a great way to view the sign.  It dominates the local scenery when you stand in the parking lot of this very fun attraction.  A nice bonus is that you can check out the sign, get a snack or a drink, and take a walk along the Columbia River all from this one spot.

Five Great Attractions Within An Easy Drive Of Cashmere, Washington

Cashmere Washington

Cashmere Washington

The small town of Cashmere sits in the beautiful Wenatchee Valley and offers a fun experience to anyone who goes there. When you visit Cashmere, you’ll have the opportunity to check out the local shopping, sample some of the many great eating establishments there, and relax in a small town that knows how to treat visitors. One of the top reasons to visit Cashmere is that it has a great location and there is a lot to do and see in all directions.

Here are five great attractions within an easy drive of Cashmere, Washington.

Lake Wenatchee

Lake Wenatchee sits on the eastern slopes of the Cascade Mountains and has a lot to offer you, especially if you like to partake in outdoor recreation. Lake Wenatchee is home to great boating, fishing, swimming, kayaking, waterskiing, and jetskiing opportunities. Lake Wenatchee State Park offers you the chance to put your boat in the water, go camping, or have a picnic outing. There is also a large beach there too and that is a great place to hang out for a few hours right along the water. Lake Wenatchee is a gorgeous area and you won’t regreat venturing out to see it during your stay in or around Cashmere.

Downtown Leavenworth

The town of Leavenworth, just a short drive west from Cashmere, is one of the most unique towns you’ll ever come to. The entire town is designed with a Bavarian theme and walking through it can give you a tiny taste of being in a far different place. The town is known for its many festivals and celebrations, and showing up for one of those is usually a hit with everyone. Leavenworth is a shopping attraction and offers so many chances to purchase items you’ve never even seen before. With restaurants, cafes, pubs, and bakeries that are famous throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond, you have nothing to worry about when it comes time to get something to eat or drink. A visit to Leavenworth really can make any visit to Cashmere and the Wenatchee Valley something you won’t soon forget.

Lake Chelan

Lake Chelan is one of the top draws to North Central Washington, and has been for more than a century. When you go to Lake Chelan, there is a long list of things that you can do. You can visit two separate state parks on the south shore of the lake. You can get out on the water and enjoy boating, fishing, kayaking, swimming, waterskiing, and more. You can take a boat ride uplake to the tiny town of Stehekin that is sealed off from the rest of the world as no roads go into or out of there. You can explore Downtown Chelan and enjoy all the shops, restaurants, and pubs that can be found there. You can venture out to Manson and explore another tiny town or even spend time at the small casino there. There are also plenty of beaches and lakeside parks where you and anyone traveling with you can relax near the lake or even take a dip in the cold, refreshing water.

Rocky Reach Dam

Rocky Reach Dam is one of the most important links in the hydroelectric network that produces power in North Central Washington. It was built in the 1950’s and has provided many benefits to the area and even the entire state. When you go there, you can spend time out on the playgrounds and groomed grounds that welcome you. When you venture inside the visitor center though you’ll gain access to the cafe, viewpoints of the dam, fish viewing windows, and even a museum that sits out on the dam itself. Rocky Reach Dam has been popular with locals and visitors alike for many years.

Wenatchee Valley Museum

The Wenatchee Valley Museum and Cultural Center sits just minutes away from Cashmere in the city of Wenatchee and does an excellent job of telling the story of the people who built the Wenatchee Valley into what it is today. The early days of the valley, like now, were tied tightly to agriculture. The museum shows some great examples of the milestones of agriculture throughout history that helped shape the valley but also helped communities elsewhere. More than just photographs on the wall, the Wenatchee Valley Museum has a lot to see that will really inform and inspire a visitor to the area.

5 Questions With Wenatchee’s Ohme Gardens

5 Questions With Ohme Gardens

Perched high on a bluff above Wenatchee is one of the Wenatchee area’s oldest tourist attractions: Ohme Gardens. This human made little corner of paradise has been attracting visitors for decades. It provides a refuge to explore and also allows you to look out over some amazing views. Add to that the fact that this is one true world class garden attraction. It features stunning viewpoints, intricately laid out trails, serene pools complete with waterfalls, and so much more. When you visit Ohme Gardens, you’ll never forgive yourself if you don’t bring your camera!

Thankfully, Ohme Gardens stepped in and helped us out too by taking a moment to answer our five questions.

5 Questions With Ohme Gardens

ohme gardens wenatchee

1st Question:
Ohme Gardens has been one of Wenatchee’s top attractions for a very long time. In what year did the gardens get their start?

Answer: The Gardens were officially open to the public in 1939 and was only known from word of mouth. Then in the 1960’s several national magazines featured Ohme Gardens and ranked it among the leading gardens in America. After achieving this national prominence and popularity, other magazines and “coffee table” garden books included the Gardens making it well known and a “must see” when in the Wenatchee area.

2nd Question:
How many people visit Ohme Gardens in a given year?

Answer: 20-25,000 which includes event attendance in the six months we are open.

3rd Question:
The pools at Ohme Gardens are all man made and not natural to the area. How many total pools are there in the garden today?

Answer: Eight-all with waterfalls.

4th Question: At the time Ohme Gardens was started, who was the owner who developed it from a sage brush covered bluff to the beautiful gardens located there now? Who currently owns Ohme Gardens?

Answer: Herman and Ruth Ohme started the development which took 60 years and two generations of Ohme family to complete. The Ohme’s sold the Gardens in 1991 to the State of Washington so that it would remain open to the public into perpetuity. The State had Chelan County manage it for them until 2008 when the ownership was transferred to Chelan County. This public garden is self-supporting.

5th Question: Could you share one “fun fact” about Ohme Gardens that most people don’t know?

Answer: We have a gnome and fairies hidden throughout the Gardens. It’s fun to try and find them all.

A big thank you to Ohme Gardens for putting up with our questions. This really is a seriously beautiful place to see when you travel through the Wenatchee area. Stop there just once and you’ll see just why so many go back again and again.

Ohme Gardens
Twitter: @OhmeGardens
Facebook: Ohme Gardens on Facebook

Five Fun Facts About The Wenatchee AppleSox

AppleSox Coyote

The AppleSox are a collegiate summer baseball team, founded in 2000, located in Wenatchee, Washington. The team gets its name from the area being known as the Apple Capital of the World. They’ve grown over time to occupy a special place in the community. Anyone visiting the Wenatchee area during the summer would have a great time at an AppleSox game.

Here are five fun facts about the Wenatchee AppleSox.

Those Seats Look Familiar!

The Wenatchee AppleSox play home games at Paul Thomas Sr. Field on the campus of Wenatchee Valley College. The stadium seats 1,200 and, at one time, 540 of those seats were previously used at the Kingdome in Seattle. Those seats were replaced in 2012.

Original League

The Wenatchee AppleSox have played in the West Coast League since it was a charter member of that organization in 2004. Previous to that, the team had played from its founding in 2000 to 2003 in the Pacific International League.

Long Ties To The Community

The head coach of the Wenatchee AppleSox from 2001 to 2014 was Ed Knaggs. He had also coached the baseball team at Wenatchee High School for 22 years.

The First To Go Big Time

2006 saw pitcher Jason Hammel join the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. In doing so, he became the first Wenatchee AppleSox player to make it to Major League Baseball.

The First Five Titles

The first five West Coast League championships won by the Wenatchee AppleSox were won in 2005, 2006, 2009, 2010, and 2012. In doing so, they beat the Bellingham Bells, Spokane RiverHawks, Corvallis Knights, Bend Elks, and then the Corvalis Knights a second time.

Spend the Night in Wenatchee!

You can’t go wrong at Wenatchee’s Comfort Inn!

An Unforgettable Dinosaur Experience at Jurassic Quest

The destination, or a stop off, on a roadtrip isn’t always a permanent attraction or locale. Sometimes it’s an event.

With an eye finding something for the kids to enjoy, we stopped off in Wenatchee this past weekend. There, at the Town Toyota Center, was an exhibit known as Jurassic Quest.

Jurassic Quest

Jurassic Quest is known as the largest collection of animatronic dinosaurs in the country. They put on a fantastic show with tons of things for kids of all ages. The dinosaur exhibit is amazing and includes all types. There are also versions of the dinosaurs that walk around and even baby dinosaurs held by trainers so they appear to really interact with the children visiting. Talk about some happy looks on their faces.


In addition to the dinosaur display, Jurassic Quest also includes an area where crafts and fossil making is done. There are also real dinosaur fossils on display which are extremely interesting and popular with older kids and adults.

Jurassic Quest

One of the most popular parts of the exhibit though, especially with the younger kids, is the play area. Jurassic Quest has put together quite an impressive collection of inflatable attractions. There are obstacle courses, a bungee run, slides, climbing walls, and more. There are also large dinosaur rides and plenty of photo taking chances.

A family day out at Jurassic Quest can be a fun time wherever you find this great attraction.

The Wenatchee show was a huge hit.

They next go to Spokane from October 2nd – 4th.

Then Pasco from October 9th – 11th.

They’ll also be in Central Point, Oregon (near Medford) from October 16th – 18th.

Tickets are available at