One Photo: Abandoned Pier Near Olympia

Abandoned Pier - Olympia

Taking a closer look at: One Photo

Looking back at one photo taken during our visit to the Olympia area not too long ago, there are a couple of things going on that are interesting.

In the foreground, you can tell it’s low tide. The beach was pretty mucky that day and I was glad I had brought along a pair of old shoes.

In the center, I was actually taking photos seconds before when this bird flew in and landed pretty much right in the center of the frame.

In the distance a little bit further is an abandoned pier, the thing I was primarily interested in. It being in some stage of being reclaimed by the water of Puget Sound was very interesting. I asked a local there on the beach and he said that the pier was used long ago for a local mining operation. Barges would be tied up at the pier awaiting to be filled by carts bringing out the separated minerals. Some very interesting history.