Road Trip Apps: Plan Your Next Pit Stop With iExit

iExit Logo

So, you’re driving down the freeway and you want to pull off for a bite to eat, a bathroom, a place to spend the night, or even a hospital. But, oh no! You’re not familiar with the area. Good thing you’ve got iExit on your phone! Well, you should.

Check them out online if you’ve never heard of them before: iExit App

With the iExit App you can see where you are right now and what the upcoming exits are. Then you, or ideally your co-pilot, can scroll through them until you come to the exit that looks like it best suits your needs. This doesn’t just tell you that there are restaurants at a given exit, it tells you precisely what restaurants are there. It doesn’t just say fuel is available, it tells you what brands there are and if you click deeper you’ll find out what other services they offer.

This is a real game changer. What a great way to help your road trip be a little better!

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