Road Trip Tip: Clean Out Your Car!

It may not seem like it’s real important. It also may seem like something only a neat freak worries about. But, in truth, starting out a road trip with a clean car is a real good idea.

When your car is clean and organized, your road trip can be a lot more successful.

When wrappers and bags from cafes or fast food restaurants pile up on the floor or seat, it can make those four tiny interior walls of a vehicle close in tightly. When you stay up on cleaning out the car as you go, you’ll find you have more room to stretch out and enjoy.

Another problem that happens during a road trip is things getting lost in the car. It can be a smartphone, iPad, extra set of keys, money, or your child’s toy. It’s easy for something small to get lost underneath a wrapper. It can not only get lost during the trip, it can get lost forever if it’s accidentally thrown out during the big clean-up at the end of the trip.

It’s also simply less stressful to drive in a clean car. You don’t have to worry about the garbage. You don’t have to worry about something getting lost. You don’t even have to worry about cleaning out the car because it’s already clean.

Winding up a road trip, whether it lasted a day, a week, or longer, can be hectic. There’s all the unpacking to do as well as the putting everything away inside your house. Wouldn’t it be nice if you also didn’t have to worry about the big clean-up? Wouldn’t it be nice if the car was already mostly cleaned out? If you stay up on the cleaning up of the vehicle as you drive, then that can be the reality at the end of the trip.

Keeping your car clean during a road trip can go a long way in making the road trip much more enjoyable.

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