Unique Washington State History Explained In Historical Podcast!

If you’re a history fan, you may already be a subscriber, but if not, you may just want to take a listen over at Stuff You Missed In History Class.

The format of the show usually has either a little known historical person or event as its topic. Sometimes, a more well known person or event is the subject but the hosts try and explore some lesser known facts about them. It really is a great show to listen to as episodes come out or to download and listen to more leisurely, like say while sitting up in the North Cascades or out on the Oregon Coast, for example.

Pig War San Juan Islands

An episode of the podcast from a few years ago, one that’s still available online, tells the story of an event some Pacific Northwest residents are familiar with and some aren’t, the Pig War. This famous disagreement between Great Britain and the United States of America over who owned the San Juan Islands is entertaining and interesting at the very same time.

That’s right… Two great countries almost “went to war” over a dead pig on San Juan Island. 🙂

Check out: The Pig War online at Stuff You Missed In History Class!

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