Enjoy Emily’s Confection on the Washington Coast

Pacific Beach - 2015

Located about 20 miles north from Ocean Shores, Washington is the tiny little beach town of Pacific Beach. This sleepy little place is home to a handful of businesses, a state park that shares its name, and access to some of the most beautiful stretches of beaches in Washington. Pacific Beach is also home to a little bakery serving some great treats, Emily’s Confection.

I walked into Emily’s Confection with a hint of what to expect because I had read some online reviews of the place. The display case was pretty sparse and I won’t lie, that was a little disappointing. The man behind the counter then popped out and asked what we needed. I asked about cinnamon rolls and was informed they wouldn’t be ready for another hour and a half. With my daughter’s heart set on a cinnamon roll, we said we’d be back and he said he’d set them aside.

We swung back to the bakery at about 10:00 a.m. and true to his word, the cinnamon rolls were ready for us. He was very friendly and you could tell by the small crowd in this tiny town that the stuff he created there was of real good quality. Everyone knows that its always a good idea to eat where the locals eat and considering there were two tables of local firemen there, it was a good sign that I had picked a good spot.

We took the cinnamon rolls back to the state park where we were staying and the kids and I both absolutely loved them. We all fell in love with Pacific Beach and the surrounding area on that trip and Emily’s Confection was a small part of why.

***Oh, they also made some really tasty hot chocolate too! And they had a lot of other options that we’ll definitely have to try out next time.

Check out this great little bakery on Facebook: Emily’s Confection

Pacific Beach - 2015