Craving Pizza in Ocean Shores? Try Cruisers!

Cruisers Pizza

We were in Ocean Shores on our last night and thinking about what was going to be fore dinner that night and there was really only one idea that everyone was up for… pizza. Not having had pizza in town before, I was at a bit of a loss. Always appreciating the recommendations of the locals, I stopped by the front desk of our hotel and asked the young lady behind the counter. She suggested Cruisers Pizza, and did so emphatically so I headed up to the room and phoned the order in.

15 minutes later when I showed up at Cruisers, the pizza was ready. After some small talk about how crazy the previous 4th of July weekend had been, I left with two boxes of Italian goodness. While I was there, I checked out the place and if we hadn’t already decided to spend our final night in town lounging in the hotel room, this would’ve been a nice place to eat out in.

All four of us really enjoyed the pizza. To be honest, maybe enjoyed it too much because there wasn’t as much in the leftover department the next day as you might hope. Everyone agreed that it was the crust that really made it something special. This was most definitely NOT a premade or frozen crust. The cheese was really good too, but isn’t it almost always?

We get back to Ocean Shores quite regularly, at least once or twice a year or so, and when we do it is going to be Cruisers Pizza for us!

Check out this great little pizza place online! –> Cruisers Pizza