An Incredible Meal At The Sunny Beach Cafe In Ocean Shores

We’ve been going to Ocean Shores for many years and it rarely disappoints. This year that was true again as we headed to the coast to beat the intense heat and enjoy the fresh sea air. It was on our second day there while driving around looking for new places that may have opened in the last year or two that we found a bright red building that we didn’t remember. It sits just south of the roundabout at the main intersection in town and it is home to the Sunny Beach Cafe.

Ocean Shores - 2015 (52)

After parking and entering the facility, we saw that we may have come at a bad time because nearly every table was filled. The hostess sat us at what may have been the last remaining table and we took a look at the menu. The prices seemed reasonable, comparable to upscale burger restaurants, and it looked like a great selection. My wife and I each ordered a half sandwich and soup combo while the kids each had a burger.

The menus and a sign inside promote the fact that at the Sunny Beach Cafe, they make their own bread. All four of us raved about the bread, whether it was my sourdough turkey bacon panini or my wife’s french bread on her garden sandwich, or the two kids and their hamburger buns. It really just made the meal feel that much more like a special thing.

The soups were also very good and you could tell that there is just an across the board philosophy of cooking with quality ingredients there.

The staff was extremely friendly and the restaurant had a fun and vibrant atmosphere, in addition to being very clean.

Ocean Shores was in need of a new restaurant and the Sunny Beach Cafe is a welcome addition. It’s quite possibly some of the best food available in town. We’ll definitely be going back there again! We were there for lunch but I can’t imagine how good their breakfast service is.

Check out this great little restaurant online: Sunny Beach Cafe