You Can Get Some Great Pizza In Packwood, Washington

Good pizza can be hard to find. It’s not that hard to find when you visit Packwood, Washington.

There are some great reasons to come to Packwood. It’s a fun little mountain town that is close to some great outdoor recreation possibilities and, of course, Mount Rainier National Park. When all your time out and about in the surrounding area is spent and you’re looking for something to eat, Packwood also offers a great pizza place.

Cruisers Pepperoni Pizza - Packwood

Cruiser’s Pizza in Packwood is a great little place featuring some awesome pizza. It’s easy to see that the pizza is made of high quality ingredients. It’s also much appreciated that Cruiser’s Pizza knows exactly how to cook a pizza. The bottom of the crust is perfectly done. The pizza toppings are crisp and done, and the cheese is golden brown. The toppings are generous too, especially the cheese.

There are a lot of things to love about staying in Packwood and one of them is getting the chance to go out to Cruiser’s Pizza.