A Great Hamburger Spot in Spokane: Wolffy’s Hamburgers

wolffys 2

We stopped in at Wolffy’s Hamburgers during our last visit to Spokane and let me tell you, it was a great decision.

Wolffy’s Hamburgers is located on the northeastern corner of the Gonzaga University campus, on the corner of Sharp and Hamilton. This is a small little burger joint and since one of the best ways to find a great meal on the road is by heading to the locally owned places, it seemed like a good option. We walked in the door and were immediately made to feel welcome. The decor, heavy on the Coca-Cola decorations, is fun and helped add to the experience. The menu offered a nice variety but when the place has “Hamburgers” in its name, I’m going to be eating some sort of hamburger.

The food came out pretty fast and it was like eating at a type of fast food restaurant that doesn’t really exist much anymore. I’d even call it a great burger. The kind where you absolutely have to use a napkin to wipe up after pretty much every bite. The portion size was very generous too. The total on the bill wasn’t out of line at all either. It ended up being a satisfying meal all the way around.

That was our first stop at Wolffy’s, but I guarantee it won’t be the last. Next time we make it to the big city of Spokane, a trip out to Wolffy’s is going to definitely be on the table.