The Crossroads Restaurant in Umatilla, Oregon

At different times when out on a road trip, different kinds of food appeal to me. Sometimes I just want a quick bite to eat that I can wolf down in the car. Sometimes I want a light salad because I know I’ve got a bit of a hike ahead of me. Other times though, I just want good food and I want a lot of it.

I remember growing up my uncle always told me: “You want good food and a lot of it for a good price? Eat where truck drivers eat.” Of course, he was a truck driver.

Umatilla - Crossroads

On a trip through Eastern Oregon not too long ago on my way to Idaho, I had just that kind of craving. I stopped off at a little red and white building in Umatilla, Oregon, just across the border from Washington and very near McNary Dam, called The Crossroads Restaurant. This building is the ultimate multitasker as it is actually part restaurant, part convenience store, part lounge, and part gas station.

I ordered the biscuits and gravy. Something hearty that would stick with me over the next couple hundred miles. It not only tasted great, the gravy went pretty much right up to the rim of the plate. There was about as much biscuits and gravy on that plate as it could hold.

I left full, satisfied, and feeling like I had a great meal. I knew I wouldn’t have to eat again for quite awhile either.

It’s good to know that when driving on I-82 when entering or leaving Oregon, that the Crossroads Restaurant is there if I need it.