Breakfast at Palmer’s Cafe in Bend, Oregon

bend - palmers cafe

A visit to Bend, Oregon is a real treat.

Bend has gorgeous surroundings and features equally gorgeous weather. There is so much to do there, some of it passive like going for a drive or relaxing in a park, and some of it active like whitewater rafting or hiking. Bend is also great at welcoming you and making you feel at home. Part of that is done by having a healthy supply of great places to eat.

On my last visit to Bend, I found myself one day looking for a good breakfast place I’d never eaten at before. A recommendation from the pleasant face at the front desk of my motel led me to Palmer’s Cafe. This small cafe looked like exactly what I wanted, a little locally owned eatery that is a favorite of locals.

Palmer’s Cafe is part of Palmer’s Motel & Cafe and features a great American menu. I took the opportunity to order an omelet. To be honest, everyone at our table ordered an omelet that morning, though not all the same kind. The service was very friendly, the restaurant was clean, and the atmosphere was very welcoming.

Honestly, this was truly one of the best omelets I’d ever had. I just loved everything about it. Even though I was no longer hungry afterwards, I still wished I’d had more just because it tasted so good. I can see why the girl at my motel had called this one of the best breakfast spots in town. I could also see just why so many locals choose to eat there.

It was a fairly quick bite to eat and the perfect way to start off our day in Bend. This hearty breakfast provided all the fuel I needed to take in a bicycle tour of town later on. I love trying new places and places I’ve never been before, but on my next visit to Bend it will be hard not to go eat at Palmer’s Cafe again.