Visiting Vancouver, BC? Eat At The Noodle Box!

Sometimes when you are on the road you want to try eating at a place you would not normally go to. For most of us, this means eating at a more upscale restaurant. Somewhere that has a reputation for doing the finer things a little bit better than everyone else.

I was in Vancouver recently and I did not feel like that at all. What I felt like was going somewhere that offered something simple, well done, and affordable.

Vancouver - Noodle Box

Up on the menu: The Noodle Box

The Noodle Box is home to a wide variety of different noodle concoctions and a long list of different sauces. You can go there with eight different people and all eight of you could get different noodle based dishes. This is Asian food done with a flair I hadn’t seen before.

Luckily I ordered enough to have extra too! A couple hours later, back at the hotel, it was nice to revisit the great job I did selecting a dinner spot that day.

Vancouver - Noodle Box2

The Noodle Box is one of the best options out there for a quick bite to eat in Vancouver.