Enjoy Emily’s Confection on the Washington Coast

Pacific Beach - 2015

Located about 20 miles north from Ocean Shores, Washington is the tiny little beach town of Pacific Beach. This sleepy little place is home to a handful of businesses, a state park that shares its name, and access to some of the most beautiful stretches of beaches in Washington. Pacific Beach is also home to a little bakery serving some great treats, Emily’s Confection.

I walked into Emily’s Confection with a hint of what to expect because I had read some online reviews of the place. The display case was pretty sparse and I won’t lie, that was a little disappointing. The man behind the counter then popped out and asked what we needed. I asked about cinnamon rolls and was informed they wouldn’t be ready for another hour and a half. With my daughter’s heart set on a cinnamon roll, we said we’d be back and he said he’d set them aside.

We swung back to the bakery at about 10:00 a.m. and true to his word, the cinnamon rolls were ready for us. He was very friendly and you could tell by the small crowd in this tiny town that the stuff he created there was of real good quality. Everyone knows that its always a good idea to eat where the locals eat and considering there were two tables of local firemen there, it was a good sign that I had picked a good spot.

We took the cinnamon rolls back to the state park where we were staying and the kids and I both absolutely loved them. We all fell in love with Pacific Beach and the surrounding area on that trip and Emily’s Confection was a small part of why.

***Oh, they also made some really tasty hot chocolate too! And they had a lot of other options that we’ll definitely have to try out next time.

Check out this great little bakery on Facebook: Emily’s Confection

Pacific Beach - 2015

Craving Pizza in Ocean Shores? Try Cruisers!

Cruisers Pizza

We were in Ocean Shores on our last night and thinking about what was going to be fore dinner that night and there was really only one idea that everyone was up for… pizza. Not having had pizza in town before, I was at a bit of a loss. Always appreciating the recommendations of the locals, I stopped by the front desk of our hotel and asked the young lady behind the counter. She suggested Cruisers Pizza, and did so emphatically so I headed up to the room and phoned the order in.

15 minutes later when I showed up at Cruisers, the pizza was ready. After some small talk about how crazy the previous 4th of July weekend had been, I left with two boxes of Italian goodness. While I was there, I checked out the place and if we hadn’t already decided to spend our final night in town lounging in the hotel room, this would’ve been a nice place to eat out in.

All four of us really enjoyed the pizza. To be honest, maybe enjoyed it too much because there wasn’t as much in the leftover department the next day as you might hope. Everyone agreed that it was the crust that really made it something special. This was most definitely NOT a premade or frozen crust. The cheese was really good too, but isn’t it almost always?

We get back to Ocean Shores quite regularly, at least once or twice a year or so, and when we do it is going to be Cruisers Pizza for us!

Check out this great little pizza place online! –> Cruisers Pizza

An Incredible Meal At The Sunny Beach Cafe In Ocean Shores

We’ve been going to Ocean Shores for many years and it rarely disappoints. This year that was true again as we headed to the coast to beat the intense heat and enjoy the fresh sea air. It was on our second day there while driving around looking for new places that may have opened in the last year or two that we found a bright red building that we didn’t remember. It sits just south of the roundabout at the main intersection in town and it is home to the Sunny Beach Cafe.

Ocean Shores - 2015 (52)

After parking and entering the facility, we saw that we may have come at a bad time because nearly every table was filled. The hostess sat us at what may have been the last remaining table and we took a look at the menu. The prices seemed reasonable, comparable to upscale burger restaurants, and it looked like a great selection. My wife and I each ordered a half sandwich and soup combo while the kids each had a burger.

The menus and a sign inside promote the fact that at the Sunny Beach Cafe, they make their own bread. All four of us raved about the bread, whether it was my sourdough turkey bacon panini or my wife’s french bread on her garden sandwich, or the two kids and their hamburger buns. It really just made the meal feel that much more like a special thing.

The soups were also very good and you could tell that there is just an across the board philosophy of cooking with quality ingredients there.

The staff was extremely friendly and the restaurant had a fun and vibrant atmosphere, in addition to being very clean.

Ocean Shores was in need of a new restaurant and the Sunny Beach Cafe is a welcome addition. It’s quite possibly some of the best food available in town. We’ll definitely be going back there again! We were there for lunch but I can’t imagine how good their breakfast service is.

Check out this great little restaurant online: Sunny Beach Cafe

Portage Bay Cafe – A Great Spot to Eat in Seattle

Portage Bay Cafe

Seattle is filled with great things to see and do like the Space Needle, Seattle Aquarium, Pacific Science Center, Ride the Ducks, and the Seattle Great Wheel. Another way that Seattle can show you a good time is when you take advantage of the tons of great restaurants that are there.

Portage Bay Cafe

One of my all time favorite places to eat in Seattle, and one I was able to return to again just recently, is the Portage Bay Cafe. We were heading through town on our way over to the Olympic Peninsula, and seeking a good breakfast spot before catching the ferry, we decided it was about time for a return visit. The Portage Bay Cafe has a few locations. We chose the one in Ballard that morning.

I had a berry pancake concoction that was simply awesome. Also at our table was French toast and a delicious looking omelet that almost made me regret not having ordered it for myself. But hey, you can’t go wrong with delicious pancakes topped with strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries.

It may have just been me but heading out across the water of Puget Sound that day with a full belly courtesy of the Portage Bay Cafe was one of the most relaxing ferry rides I’d ever taken. For me, this is totally one of those “Ol’ Reliable” breakfast spots. I always know I can go there and get a real special meal.

The Portage Bay Cafe serves lunch and dinner as well. I keep saying I’m going to get back and sample some of what they offer during that time of day too. I just can’t get past their incredible breakfasts though.

Maybe next time.

Dine Out at Sky City at the Top of the Space Needle

With Interstate 90 ending there from the east and Interstate 5 running through it from north to south. It is hard to take a road trip through Western Washington without going through the Seattle area. That is a good thing though because that is one city that it is very easy to spend some serious time in.

One of the most popular attractions in the city is one that is probably also the most identifiable with Seattle, the Space Needle. The Space Needle offers incredible views of the city and some other fun experiences. If you have never been up to the top, that is something you really need to do.

Space Needle - Sky City

To be honest, I don’t go up to the top of the Space Needle every time I’m in Seattle, but I try to at least once ever two or three years. The photo taking opportunities there are great. Another nice part about visiting the Space Needle is that you can eat at the restaurant up at the top.

On our last trip up we decided to eat there because the restaurant had been completely remodeled and rebranded since the last time we’d eaten there. The restaurant goes by the name Sky City and does a wonderful job of entertaining and satisfying everyone who goes there. The food was great and the friendliness of the staff was top notch. The best part though is that the restaurant rotates. It takes about an hour for it to rotate around completely, so that means by the time we’d eaten our whole meal we’d also see the entire view of Seattle from all angles.

Dining at the top of the Space Needle is something that is really a good memory maker, regardless of your age or the ages of anyone dining with you. It’s completely unforgettable. As I remember, I enjoyed my last meal at the needle some years ago. I think it has definitely been improved though.

Going up to the top of the Space Needle is an awesome experience. Dining there at Sky City is even better.

Enjoying Brunch at the Wild Fin in Issaquah, Washington

WildFin American Grill

WildFin American Grill

Located just east of Seattle, in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains, the city of Issaquah has grown a great deal in recent years. If you are heading into the city, this is a nice last stop before reaching the huge metropolis. If heading into the mountains, this is a great place to stop off for one last shopping adventure or some other time spent in some sort of diversion.

Issaquah is also a nice place to stop for a bite to eat on the way out of the city. This can help you to keep better time as you don’t have to account for the congestion of the city streets or any kind of event that may be taking place inside the city.

Our last visit to Issaquah was just for this reason. The place I chose to eat at on our way out of the Seattle area was the WildFin American Grill. We showed up just in time for brunch and the selection of seafood, as well as everything else, was phenomenal. In fact, in many ways, the selection was better than a couple of seafood places we had tried in the city.

We dined outside on the patio which was a nice way to end our time on the west side of the mountains. The stylish design elements of WildFin really do add to the experience.

We all left WildFin with full bellies and a look of satisfaction on our faces. As great as the food was, oh and it was, I also loved the relaxed atmosphere there. This was not only accomplished by the decor in the dining area but also by the friendly faces that the servers were wearing.

I love finding a good locally owned eating establishment that is a little off the beaten path. The WildFin American Grill qualifies for that and has the added benefit of being absolutely superb. Brunch there was a lot of fun and very tasty. It put this place on my radar as something in the future we could try for dinner.

You can bet that I will be back to eat at the WildFin at least one more time.

The Crab Pot – An Awesome Place to Eat on the Seattle Waterfront

The Crab Pot

It’s no secret that Seattle is one of the top road trip destinations or stop offs in the entire Pacific Northwest. It deserves this attention because it has an incredible list of things to do and see. It is also very easy to access and has a very diverse population. The locals are very friendly and you can easily have a great time there.

One of the most popular spots to visit in Seattle is the Seattle Waterfront. Here, you will find all kinds of great businesses and also have a nice opportunity to view the very active waters of Puget Sound where they meet the city of Seattle.

The Crab Pot

In addition to the sightseeing, the Seattle Waterfront also makes for a great place to go to get a bite to eat. There are all kinds of great places to eat on the Seattle Waterfront, but one of my favorites is The Crab Pot.

The Crab Pot has an awesome atmosphere, friendly servers, and some of the best seafood in the city.

Our last visit to the Crab Pot also coincided with a visit to the Seattle Aquarium and a nighttime ride on the Seattle Great Wheel. This combination made for a great afternoon and evening and the Crab Pot was the perfect way to top it off.

I started my meal off with a cup of clam chowder. I mean, how could I skip that necessity? I also had a share of some sourdough bread that had been ordered for the table. We then took advantage of one of the best parts of the Crab Pot, the Seafeasts.

Seafeasts are sold by a set price per person, then butcher paper is put down on your table, and a whole variety of seafood is poured out in front of you. There are a variety of options for the Seafeast. We went with The Alaskan that night. This included king crab, Dungeness crab, snow crab, shrimp, steamed clams, Pacific mussels, sausage, corn on the cob, and red potatoes. What a delightful mix!

By the time I left, I was stuffed. Stuffed and happy, that is. I hadn’t been to the Crab Pot for a number of years and had never eaten in the Seafeast style before. Now that I have, this is gong to have to be a semi-regular thing.

The Crab Pot is a great way to perfectly complete a visit to the Seattle Waterfront.