An Awesome Time at the Ringside Steakhouse in Portland, Oregon

I don’t think I’ve ever gone wrong on a road trip when I’ve been able to stop off and spend some time in Portland. Portland has one of the more unique atmospheres that can be found in the Pacific Northwest. The mix of stores, attractions, and restaurants found there is really the main thing I like about the city. Portland always keeps me coming back.

The great thing about going to Portland if you like food is that you have such a huge list of places to choose from. They are nearly all great too. Well, not all, but you get the idea.

Ringside - Portland - Steak

My last visit to Portland saw me have the opportunity to have a very special experience as I went out to eat at the Ringside Steakhouse. This is a restaurant that has been in business since 1944. They promote themselves that they have the best steak in town. It was hard to come up with an argument against it too.

The wine list was huge too which made it a big hit with the rest of the group dining with us that night. Everyone also raved about the service too because we were really treated like kings.

Now, for the food itself. The steak was perfect. Cooked exactly like I ordered and exactly like I wanted it to be. The appetizers and desserts were also top notch and it was nice to see that their attention to detail was not just reserved for the entree. I wish we were spending the night one more time because I totally would have like to have another one of Portland’s best steaks.

Dining out at the Ringside Steakhouse in Uptown in Portland was a real treat.

Astoria, Oregon’s Fort George Brewery + Public House

Astoria - Fort George Brewery

Sitting on the south side of the famous Astoria-Megler Bridge, Astoria welcomes thousands of travelers from Washington into Oregon every day. It’s a gateway to the Oregon coastline for many. It also is a fun place to explore and spend some time in too.

Before settling in for a night in Astoria, we were looking for a fun place to go out and eat. A place that appeared to show off part of the city’s identity.

The place we stumbled upon, quite literally, had the appearance of a nostalgic building. Our choice for dinner and a drink that night was Fort George Brewery + Public House. Walking inside the Fort George building was a very welcoming experience, both when looking at the decor and atmosphere, as well as from the impression of the staff.

I had the Chile Verde Burrito which was simply awesome. I had been torn on what to order, because the selection of sausages looked really impressive. I was save though because also at our table was someone who ordered the French Garlic Sausage. I was able to sneak a taste and that would’ve been a great choice too.

The beer selection there was top notch too with a selection that included all kinds of options from around the Pacific Northwest. It was nice seeing so much shelf and tap space dedicated to displaying these well crafted local products.

The Fort George Brewery + Public House was one of the highlights of our short stay in Astoria. Well, that and that cool bridge. I had to drive across the Astoria-Megler Bridge an extra time the next day before continuing south.

You Can’t Go Wrong at Higgins Restaurant and Bar in Portland, Oregon

Portland is a large city but has a unique feel to it that you cannot find in other places. One of the city’s biggest strengths is the diversity that can be found there. It is exactly this diversity, and the feeling that you can always find something new there, that always makes me happy to come back to Portland.

Going out to eat while in Portland is one of the best parts about visiting the city. It doesn’t matter what I’ve been hungry for at different times in Portland, I’ve always been able to easily find what I am wanting.


Sometimes picking a place to eat when it is more than just you is tough because everyone you are with may want something different. One of the cool places I ate at during my last stay in Portland was Higgins Restaurant and Bar. This friendly establishment had the look of quality, and best of all for us that night, it not only offered the seafood I was looking for but also the Italian and American dishes that others dining out with us were wanting.

The service at Higgins Restaurant and Bar was awesome. Very friendly, in fact. I always appreciate it when the server is not afraid to share their personality and have a little fun. It can really add to the amount of fun you have.

I loved our time at Higgins Restaurant and Bar. It really made our stay in Portland that much more fun. I couldn’t imagine not going there again the next time I’m lucky enough to be in Portland.