An Amazing Experience Dining at the Crater Lake Lodge

Without a doubt, Crater Lake is one of the most gorgeous scenic sights there is to see in the Pacific Northwest. That’s really saying something too.

I recently went to the mountain top lake, the remnant of an ancient volcano, for the third time. I love seeing it for the first time as you approach the rim. I love the drive around the road that circles the rim. I even once went on a cruise of the lake and that was top notch too. But one of the most enjoyable experiences there is dining at the Crater Lake Lodge.


I made sure to do this again on my most recent trip there. The food, as usual, was great… as was the service. There is a unique feel to dining there as you are on National Park land but you feel as though you are in an upscale restaurant.

Tip: Show up a little before or a little after prime seating time in the dining room. (5-6pm or after 8pm) This way there will be fewer people and you can ask for a table by the window so you can enjoy the view of the lake while you eat.

(They do accept reservations)

As good as the food is, I think what makes the meal standout for me is the atmosphere. When you dine at the Crater Lake Lodge, you are dining in a historic building. I’ve always appreciated the decor and design of those classic national park buildings that were constructed in the first part of the 1900s. The Crater Lake Lodge will not disappoint in that area. With thick timber beams and rustic wood trim everywhere, you know you are in one of the best examples of historic mountain lodges this country has to offer.

After you’ve completed your meal, take time out on the patio or over at any of the viewing areas to take in the view of the lake. This really is a magical spot… a true piece of heaven.

Timing your visit to Crater Lake so that you can enjoy a meal at the historic Crater Lake Lodge Dining Room is a great way to make your visit there even more memorable.