A Great Hamburger Spot in Spokane: Wolffy’s Hamburgers

wolffys 2

We stopped in at Wolffy’s Hamburgers during our last visit to Spokane and let me tell you, it was a great decision.

Wolffy’s Hamburgers is located on the northeastern corner of the Gonzaga University campus, on the corner of Sharp and Hamilton. This is a small little burger joint and since one of the best ways to find a great meal on the road is by heading to the locally owned places, it seemed like a good option. We walked in the door and were immediately made to feel welcome. The decor, heavy on the Coca-Cola decorations, is fun and helped add to the experience. The menu offered a nice variety but when the place has “Hamburgers” in its name, I’m going to be eating some sort of hamburger.

The food came out pretty fast and it was like eating at a type of fast food restaurant that doesn’t really exist much anymore. I’d even call it a great burger. The kind where you absolutely have to use a napkin to wipe up after pretty much every bite. The portion size was very generous too. The total on the bill wasn’t out of line at all either. It ended up being a satisfying meal all the way around.

That was our first stop at Wolffy’s, but I guarantee it won’t be the last. Next time we make it to the big city of Spokane, a trip out to Wolffy’s is going to definitely be on the table.

A Great Experience at the Ellensburg Pasta Company

Ellensburg sits at a major crossroads in Central Washington. When you hit Ellensburg you can go west to Seattle, north over Blewett Pass to Leavenworth or Wenatchee, east to Moses Lake or even on to Spokane, or south to Yakima and everything that direction. Don’t be too hasty though, there is also a lot to do right there in Ellensburg.

We came rolling into Ellensburg for the neight on our way down to the Yakima Valley. In need of a place to eat, I immediately sought out the intelligence of my smartphone.

Ellensburg Pasta Co

After much debate, the restaurant we decided on checking out was the Ellensburg Pasta Company. I’m not going to lie, sometimes pasta just seems like the thing I need.

Upon setting foot inside the restaurant, it felt immediately welcoming. I was also pleased to see that this truly was a full service restaurant and there were plenty more options for those who may not be interested in pasta. I thought that was cool, but honestly who am I fooling? I was there for the noodles.

Before the noodles got to the table, I got to sample an order of mozzarella sticks which was awesome. My hopes were raised for my entree after tasting this delightful starter.

Then it showed up, the Chicken & Broccoli Gorgonzola I was waiting for. The cream sauce was perfect and it made the chicken, broccoli, and penne better than I imagined it would be. As I looked around, I liked what I saw on the plates of everyone else at our table too. What I ordered was more than enough for me though, they definitely did not leave me hungry.

Dinner out at the Ellensburg Pasta Company sure was the right decision for us on that road trip. I don’t think it’s possible to go wrong with anything on the menu there.

A Great Bakery in Spokane: Petit Chat Village Bakery

There’s nothing like waking up and hitting a classic bakery.

Petit Chat Village Bakery

Spokane is a fun city with a lot going for it. There’s Riverfront Park, all of the great shopping possibilities, the tons of awesome bars, and a lot of chances to get outdoors, even in the city. The city of Spokane really does have it all.

Like any place though, waking up in Spokane may just leave you craving a treat that can only come from a quality bakery. Luckily, the last time I woke up in Spokane, I found just that. Petit Chat Village Bakery is a classic bakery and it offers a fun experience to all who go there.

What is their specialty? Hard to say. I sample three different things over two mornings and they were all incredible. On the last day, I even picked up a loaf of sourdough bread for the drive home, and that was also a real treat.

Petit Chat Village Bakery was the perfect find. It provided both a great start to my day… twice, and also provided a great edible souvenir that lasted all the way home, and then some. The people were very friendly too, which we all know helps a great deal.

Next time I’m in Spokane, I’ll know exactly what to do when I wake up in need of a bakery.

Petit Chat Village Bakery2

A Classic Tavern Experience at Bern’s Tavern in Prosser, Washington

The small town of Prosser is right in the middle of Washington’s Wine Country. It’s a fun little destination with lots to offer, including an engaging atmosphere and some interesting shops to hunt through. There is a relaxed way of life there that is impossible not to embrace.

My experience in Prosser was top notch. We must have visited seven wineries the first day we were there. This led to us sampling tons of great wines and getting the chance to eat some tasty morsels. The wineries there all have unique decors which makes for a cool experience too. One minute we were standing in a Spanish courtyard and it seemed like the next we were in a French chateau.

Berns Tavern2

After a day of touring wineries, I wanted a little something substantial to eat. That evening we set out into Prosser’s small downtown area and stumbled upon Bern’s Tavern. After walking in the door, we immediately felt like we were in our own hometown bar.

Bern’s Tavern is the perfect tavern experience, and to think, it comes in the heart of wine country. There were a lot of different beers to try out and they served top notch bar food. Grabbing a booth, shooting a pool, and the loose flow of chit chat that followed was perfection.

Prosser was a fun place to visit and many of my best memories came from the hours we spent at Bern’s Tavern.

Experience The Thai Restaurant in Wenatchee

Finding good Thai food in a place like Eastern Washington seems like sort of a challenge, but it was a lot easier than expected.


Wenatchee is a fun part of Washington State to visit. It is a friendly small city with a nice atmosphere. It’s biggest strength though is the area around it. When you are in Wenatchee you are 20 minutes from desert like land and 20 minutes from the Cascade Mountains. The Columbia River, Lake Chelan, Lake Wenatchee, and the Wenatchee River are all pretty much right there.

Wenatchee also has a great selection of restaurants and The Thai Restaurant has been pleasing patrons for a very long time. They seat small groups and large and the menu is varied, including the standards you would expect as well as a dish or two you may not have tried yet.

I went with Spring Rolls for starters and then followed it up with Mussamun Curry. And I don’t mind saying, that it was EXCELLENT.

The Thai Restaurant in Wenatchee is a definite plus about spending any amount of time in this beautiful area of Washington.