Breakfast at Palmer’s Cafe in Bend, Oregon

bend - palmers cafe

A visit to Bend, Oregon is a real treat.

Bend has gorgeous surroundings and features equally gorgeous weather. There is so much to do there, some of it passive like going for a drive or relaxing in a park, and some of it active like whitewater rafting or hiking. Bend is also great at welcoming you and making you feel at home. Part of that is done by having a healthy supply of great places to eat.

On my last visit to Bend, I found myself one day looking for a good breakfast place I’d never eaten at before. A recommendation from the pleasant face at the front desk of my motel led me to Palmer’s Cafe. This small cafe looked like exactly what I wanted, a little locally owned eatery that is a favorite of locals.

Palmer’s Cafe is part of Palmer’s Motel & Cafe and features a great American menu. I took the opportunity to order an omelet. To be honest, everyone at our table ordered an omelet that morning, though not all the same kind. The service was very friendly, the restaurant was clean, and the atmosphere was very welcoming.

Honestly, this was truly one of the best omelets I’d ever had. I just loved everything about it. Even though I was no longer hungry afterwards, I still wished I’d had more just because it tasted so good. I can see why the girl at my motel had called this one of the best breakfast spots in town. I could also see just why so many locals choose to eat there.

It was a fairly quick bite to eat and the perfect way to start off our day in Bend. This hearty breakfast provided all the fuel I needed to take in a bicycle tour of town later on. I love trying new places and places I’ve never been before, but on my next visit to Bend it will be hard not to go eat at Palmer’s Cafe again.

The Crossroads Restaurant in Umatilla, Oregon

At different times when out on a road trip, different kinds of food appeal to me. Sometimes I just want a quick bite to eat that I can wolf down in the car. Sometimes I want a light salad because I know I’ve got a bit of a hike ahead of me. Other times though, I just want good food and I want a lot of it.

I remember growing up my uncle always told me: “You want good food and a lot of it for a good price? Eat where truck drivers eat.” Of course, he was a truck driver.

Umatilla - Crossroads

On a trip through Eastern Oregon not too long ago on my way to Idaho, I had just that kind of craving. I stopped off at a little red and white building in Umatilla, Oregon, just across the border from Washington and very near McNary Dam, called The Crossroads Restaurant. This building is the ultimate multitasker as it is actually part restaurant, part convenience store, part lounge, and part gas station.

I ordered the biscuits and gravy. Something hearty that would stick with me over the next couple hundred miles. It not only tasted great, the gravy went pretty much right up to the rim of the plate. There was about as much biscuits and gravy on that plate as it could hold.

I left full, satisfied, and feeling like I had a great meal. I knew I wouldn’t have to eat again for quite awhile either.

It’s good to know that when driving on I-82 when entering or leaving Oregon, that the Crossroads Restaurant is there if I need it.

An Excellent Experience at Bend, Oregon’s McKay Cottage Restaurant

Recently, I found myself making yet another return visit to Bend, Oregon.

Bend is a small vacation community in Central Oregon that sits right at the edge of the eastern slopes of the Cascade Mountains. Bend’s location gives it its two biggest strengths, scenery and recreational opportunities. While going to Bend to see or experience either of those is a great idea, don’t forget to experience the city of Bend itself too.

Bend features some great eating establishments, and as we all know, a good place to eat can make any destination that much better.

Bend - McKayCottageRestaurant

We finally got to try out one of the most recommended places in Bend, a place we’d been pointed towards the last time we were in town but didn’t have time for, the McKay Cottage Restaurant.

Upon walking in, my first though was how could we have not made time for this place last time we were in town? The atmosphere is awesome with its detailed woodwork and welcoming decor. The service was top notch as well with every single employee we encountered being very friendly. We had the option of eating inside or outside that day. We chose outdoors to experience that awesome Bend weather.

Having shown up for lunch, and being in the mood for some beef, I decided to go with the McKay Burger. I mean, if you’re proud enough of your burger to put your restaurant’s name right in the name of it, it should be good, right?

It was outstanding. It was a generous petty with plenty of fixin’s on it, including perfectly melted cheddar cheese. The minute it was delivered to the table I knew just from the smell alone that it was going to be good. Others at our table had the Three Sisters Club Sandwich and a classic Monte Cristo sandwich. Everyone left happy, not only with the taste, but with the noticeable high level of quality ingredients too.

I think I definitely have a new favorite eating spot in Bend. Next time we’re in town we’re going to do our best to hit the McKay Cottage Restaurant. Maybe for breakfast then… I can almost taste it.