Awesome Food at Amore’s Ristorante in Trail, British Columbia

Trail - Amores Ristorante

On a recent crossing of the Canadian border after spending time in Spokane, I came across the small town of Trail, British Columbia. This little town has a unique look to it with homes built almost on top of each other in areas up the sides of the local hills. The town also has a rich mining history and that can be fun to explore too.

Enough stuff caught my eye in Trail that it soon became time to spend the night. After selecting some accommodations, it was time to find some dinner. A long road trip, without too many snacks for a change this time, had left me pretty hungry so I was looking for something more substantial.

I got a recommendation from one of the locals to give Amore’s Ristorante a try. A nice meal of pasta and bread appealed to my hunger at the time so off I went.

This is a very cute little Italian eatery. The restaurant is housed in a historic looking building, but once you go inside you immediately feel like you are in a high end establishment.

Not wanting to be too adventurous, I stuck with something familiar and ordered Chicken Alfredo. The chicken was cooked perfectly, as were the noodles. The creamy sauce was definitely close to some of the best I had ever had too. By the time I was full, I found I still had a good amount of food left over. A full to-go box meant that I could have that late night snack back at the motel.

Amore’s Ristorante in Trail is a surprising little Italian restaurant that is sure to please anyone lucky enough to venture inside.

Visiting Vancouver, BC? Eat At The Noodle Box!

Sometimes when you are on the road you want to try eating at a place you would not normally go to. For most of us, this means eating at a more upscale restaurant. Somewhere that has a reputation for doing the finer things a little bit better than everyone else.

I was in Vancouver recently and I did not feel like that at all. What I felt like was going somewhere that offered something simple, well done, and affordable.

Vancouver - Noodle Box

Up on the menu: The Noodle Box

The Noodle Box is home to a wide variety of different noodle concoctions and a long list of different sauces. You can go there with eight different people and all eight of you could get different noodle based dishes. This is Asian food done with a flair I hadn’t seen before.

Luckily I ordered enough to have extra too! A couple hours later, back at the hotel, it was nice to revisit the great job I did selecting a dinner spot that day.

Vancouver - Noodle Box2

The Noodle Box is one of the best options out there for a quick bite to eat in Vancouver.

Waffle Gone Wild is a Can’t Miss in Vancouver, BC

Vancouver is one of those cities that it is hard to stay away from. Every once in awhile, I find myself drawn back there and the surrounding area for a road trip. It’s just irresistable.

The last time I was there, I found a place to eat that just knocked my socks off.

Have you ever found a great breakfast spot? The kind you have to share with friends or show off when family visits? Something that special?

If you go to Vancouver, that kind of place exists and it’s called Waffle Gone Wild.

Vancouver - WaffleGoneWild2

Great name, right?

And it fits what they offer there perfectly.

I ran down to Waffle Gone Wild one morning and picked up an order to bring back for everyone. These fresh baked Belgian waffles hit the spot and everyone of us on that trip raved about them. I had the Black Forest Ham & Cheese Waffle. This was a sandwich that substituted waffle for bread and was filled with perfectly cooked ham and cheese. Delicious!

Other orders in are group came with names like Strawberry Heaven, Japanese Okonomiyaki, Banana Split, and Creamy Potato.

It’s so nice when an unusual and eye catching eating establishment also pleases the tastebuds too.

The worst part about our experience with Waffle Gone Wild was that I didn’t go there until the morning of our last day in town. If I’d only gone there earlier, we could’ve eaten there more than once.

We will definitely make a point of seeking out Waffle Gone Wild on our next visit to Vancouver… which could happen at any moment.

Vancouver - WaffleGoneWild