Idaho’s Cataldo Mission

Northern Idaho is another of the very beautiful places we can enjoy easily in the Northwest. Coeur d’Alene is a popular vacation destination with a lot to offer, including golf, shopping, boating, swimming, biking, and more. This area also has an interesting history and some notable historical attractions worth seeing too.

Just east of Coeur d’Alene is the Cataldo Mission which is a very nice stop on a road trip through the area. The Cataldo Mission sits within the borders of Old Mission State Park. This mission was built in 1848, 42 years before Idaho was even a state. The Greek Revival architecture is very pleasing and just begs to be photographed. Entering this old church gives you the feeling of what it must’ve been like to do so all those years ago in land that had not even been made into a state yet.

I like historical facts and even trivia, and getting the chance to enjoy a fine historical site and at the same time witness some major Pacific Northwest trivia at the same time is too much to pass up on. Think about that as you’re driving down Interstate 90 through the Idaho Panhandle and debating whether you want to stop at the Cataldo Mission. If you pass on it, you will be passing on having the opportunity to walk right up to and into the oldest standing building in the state of Idaho.

In addition to this historic building, which alone is totally worth the stop, Old Mission State Park is also home to two old cemeteries, a visitors center, and a nature trail.

If you’re in the Coeur d’Alene area, make sure you head on out to the Cataldo Mission.

Catch a Movie at The Flicks in Boise

Like going on a road trip, going out to the movies is one of those experiences that everyone loves to do. A good movie, seen on the big screen, can be the perfect way to top off an evening. A good movie can also be a great activity to do in the evening hours once your road trip activities have finished for the day. No sense doing too much late night driving anyway, you want to be able to see all that scenery you’re passing by.

Boise has an awesome little movie theater that you really need to check out next time you are there. The Flicks is a four screen cinema in Downtown Boise that also offers espresso, a cafe, and an outside patio for eating and hanging out. Beer and wine are served at The Flicks, and this adds to the grown up feel of the establishment.

The Flicks

What you will find when you go out to enjoy an evening at The Flicks is an intimate setting where friends can comfortably watch a film together while enjoying food, drink, and a great atmosphere. What you won’t find are big budget summer blockbusters coming straight out of Hollywood. The Flicks shows a great selection of independent, foreign, and art films. The best of what comes out of Hollywood will make its way there too, but mainly what you will be viewing is the kind of film that doesn’t see time on the big screen in most other cinemas.

Boise is a great little city to visit and a true gem in the Pacific Northwest. Part of what makes it so great are the special little places like The Flicks. If you find yourself there, you should definitely go and check out a show while there.