Taking A Road Trip Across The Water To Victoria

Victoria Welcome Sign

A road trip usually takes place, naturally, on the road. This trip was a little different though as we took the ride across the Puget Sound and to the north to Victoria, British Columbia.

Victoria Welcome Sign

Victoria is a unique city. It has a very unusual feel to it because though it’s very modern like most large cities, it also has a very historic look to it. There are just so many reasons to enjoy a visit there.

The City

One of the things everyone has to do when they visit Victoria is get out and walk the old section of the city. The architecture there is incredible, much of it dating back to its earliest days. As you walk through this part of the city, take the time to venture in for some shopping, eating, or drinking. It’s an experience you’ll love and remember forever.

The History

Victoria is also known for its rich history and valuable collection of historical sites. Some of the places to make sure to check out include the Royal BC Museum, British Columbia Parliament, Craigdarroch Castle, Government House, Empress Hotel National Historic Site of Canada, Christ Church Cathedral, and the Maritime Museum of British Columbia. Much of the history of Victoria and the surrounding area is new to many travelers. This adds to the fun of learning about it. Exploring Victoria’s history can be one of the best remembered things you do during your time there.

The Food

Victoria is littered with great restaurants. In recent years it has really developed a reputation for being home to some great food. From cafes with sidewalk seating to restaurants offering views of the waterfront area, there are some great places to get a bite to eat in Victoria. Two that we really enjoyed during our stay were breakfast at the Blue Fox Cafe and dinner at Ferris’ Oyster Bar. We came away with a long list of places we’d like to try next time. The choices are many when it comes to eating out in Victoria.

The Natural Scenery and Wildlife

While Victoria is a vibrant city, it also offers some great natural scenery and wildlife interaction possibilities. Around the outskirts of the city are Thetis Lake Regional Park, Gowlland Tod Provincial Park, Elk / Beaver Lake Regional Park, Goldstream Provincial Park, and Mt. Douglas Park. You can also get out on the water for a cruise, dinner cruise, or a whale watching trip. Getting out and seeing the local natural scenery and wildlife during a visit to Victoria is a great way to be entertained, especially if you are traveling with kids.

Victoria Beaches

When you visit Victoria, you need a great place to stay too. We stayed at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel which was top notch in every way. From the restaurant and wine tasting to the comfort of the rooms, including one of the best hotel beds I’ve ever slept on.

Oak Bay Beach Hotel

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Oak Bay Beach Hotel

Oak Bay Beach Hotel

Skiing and More at Red Mountain Resort in British Columbia

The right destination can make all the difference when going on a ski vacation. One of the more fun locales that many people overlook is Red Mountain Resort in Rossland, British Columbia. Located in Southeastern British Columbia, Red Mountain Resort has been very popular for a very long time. Regulars who go there know to expect a top quality skiing experience.


Red Mountain Resort has seven lifts and 110 marked runs. The entire ski area covers over 4,000 acres and offers ski runs rated for beginners, intermediate, and advanced skiers. The longest ski run is 4.3 miles which makes for a great trip down the mountain. While named Red Mountain Resort, the skiing actually happens on Red Mountain, Granite Mountain, and Grey Mountain.

I’ve been lucky enough to have gone to the Red Mountain Resort area in both winter and summer. The skiing there is great and the atmosphere and offerings in the lodges and restaurants are excellent too. If you’re not a skier and are instead into summer activities like mountain biking, then this is still the place for you. There are a number of mountain bike trails in the area and the lodge remains open to give you that meal and refreshment you desire when you’re finished out on the trail. There are also some great hiking and sight seeing opportunities both on the resort property as well as on the surrounding mountainsides.

Red Mountain Resort really is a full service and year round attraction worth visiting. You simply cannot go wrong, regardless of the time of year you choose to visit there in.

Have Dinner Aboard Accent Cruises in Vancouver, British Columbia

Loving road trips, I know there are few things that can measure up to just getting in the car and going for a drive. Seeing the region out the window of my vehicle has always been a highlight. Once you arrive at a destination though, there are other great ways to see the world around you.

I love boat tours for a number of reasons, but the main reason is that it allows you to see a location from a completely different perspective. On a recent visit to Vancouver, British Columbia, I was lucky enough to go on a boat tour put on by the incredible Accent Cruises.


Accent Cruises offers a number of different types of cruises that either have different themes or go along different routes. Their headquarters is located in Historic Granville Island, right in the middle of beautiful Vancouver. They are open all year long and have very modern ships and provide excellent service.

I chose to go on a dinner cruise with Accent Cruises and it was a real treat. I was welcomed warmly, had a fun time exploring the ship, and settled in for what was promised to be a great meal. That promise was well founded too as the grilled salmon and garlic teriyaki chicken were both excellent.
Just as excellent were the views of Vancouver’s skyline and the natural areas surrounding the city. At various points during our time on the ship, we would move around to get different perspectives. We saw houses built high on the cliff wall, marine life swimming by us, tanker ships entering the harbor, and historic sites that the ship’s staff helpfully pointed out to us. Between the meal and the views, this was almost the perfect dinner cruise.

Next time I’m back in Vancouver, I may just have to book a cruise with Accent Cruises all over again.

Capilano Suspension Bridge Park in Vancouver, BC

Experiencing the unusual and the rare is some of what attracts people to taking road trips. By getting outside your home area in a free and independent way, you can stop and visit whatever you want, stay virtually as long as you want, and then move on to the next attraction that catches your eye.


It was exactly this type of reasoning that led me to visiting Capilano Suspension Bridge Park on a recent trip through Vancouver, British Columbia. I remembered hearing about a suspension bridge in the Vancouver area before, there are actually two, but had never had the time or inclination to go check it out. This time was different though so upon entering the city, it was the first thing I headed for.

There has been a suspension bridge at the site of the Capilano Suspension Bridge since the early 1900s. Over the years it has been updated and improved and other attractions have been added, making the site a true destination attraction more than the roadside stop that it once was. Today, in addition to the hugely popular suspension bridge, the park also offers a Treetops Adventure and Cliffwalk attraction. The suspension bridge though is still the key attraction in the park and is the main reason so many people head there all year long.

I loved pretty much everything about my visit to Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. The bridge is incredible, especially the view downto the river and canyon below. The Treetops Adventure was very cool, seeing the thick forest from such a high vantage point. The Cliffwalk portion of the park, one of the newest features, was incredible. Seeing nature from this kind of perspective just doesn’t happen anywhere else.

Why did I wait so long to check out this very cool place in Vancouver? Capilano Suspension Bridge Park is top notch in terms of attractions worth visiting when road tripping through the area.