Robbin’s Nest Makes For A Great Stay In Moclips, Washington



The Moclips is one of our favorite parts of Washington’s coast. It’s within an easy drive of places like Ocean Shores, Lake Quinault, Westport, Grays Harbor, and the Hoh Rainforest. It’s also small and a bit out of the way which gives you a good feeling of truly getting away from it all.

Robbin’s Nest is a delightful little two bedroom cottage in Moclips. It comes with a great view and a relaxing deck to sit out on while you enjoy the sights and smells of the fresh breeze off the Pacific Ocean.

Robbin’s Nest has all you need for either a weekend or an extended stays, including a fully equipped kitchen and both a washer and dryer. There’s even a fire pit in the backyard where you can roast a hot dog, make some s’mores, or just warm up and enjoy the atmosphere. It’s a great little place to stay in on a rainy day or return to after an active day out exploring the local scenery.

The number one reason we love going to Moclips and the Pacific Beach area is the beach. That’s not a big surprise. The surprise though is just how uncrowded the beach is. There’s plenty of room to hunt down and find your own space. And all the space you need is right out in front of Robbin’s Nest.

Moclips is an exceptional destination and a stay at Robbin’s Nest can only make it better.

Website: Robbin’s Nest Cottage

A Great Overnight Stay At TownePlace Suites In Olympia

An early spring trip to the Washington Coast sounded like a great idea to us. The only problem was that we had to get a late start. This called for a quick overnight on the way. We decided to push as far as Olympia and call it a night there.

Looking for a place conveniently located to a few sites we could check out the next day before continuing on, we settled on the TownePlace Suites in Olympia. We enjoyed the next morning immensely. There was a nice little European style bakery just a block away and the grounds of the capital were fun to explore, including a quick walk down to Heritage Park. Olympia offers more than enough to convince us to come back for a longer stay in the future.

TownePlace Suites Olympia with Kitchen

One of the best parts though was the room back at TownePlace Suites. It was extremely comfortable. The staff was very helpful with some directions and tips on a bite to eat for lunch. One of the best parts though was the kitchen right there in the room. I’d stopped off for a few supplies and when morning came I whipped up some scrambled eggs and French toast just the way I liked. What a great way to start the day.

With that nice start, our morning time exploring the interesting things we found in the immediate vicinity of the hotel couldn’t go wrong.

TownePlace Suites Olympia
900 Capitol Way South
Olympia, WA 98501

Online at: TownePlace Suites Olympia

The Polynesian Resort in Ocean Shores – You Can’t Go Wrong

Ocean Shores - 2015 (44)

There are a lot of fun places to head to along the Washington Coast when it comes time to have a good time at the ocean. For anyone who loves going on road trips, the North Beach area is made for you, and if you’re heading there, Ocean Shores has got just about all you’d need to have a very memorable experience.

Finding a place to stay in Ocean Shores is easy too because there are a lot of options. One of the best is one we were able to sample just recently. I’d driven by The Polynesian Resort a number of times on our earlier trips to Ocean Shores and always appreciated the unique look the property has. For this recent trip, we decided to give the big place a try.

Checking in was a smooth and flawless process and the kids were excited to see the swimming pool right from the lobby. We made it up to the room and were surprised to find that we actually had more room than when we needed. When was the last time that happened? I don’t know. We had a full kitchen, a comfortable living room with a flat screen TV, and a whole separate bedroom with a king size bed and another TV. There was also a balcony and that couch in the living room of course folded out into a bed as well.

The entire resort, from the lobby to the room, was very clean and smelled fresh. It was also picturesque too, from the decor in the lobby to the grounds outside. And the staff was extremely friendly. In fact, there were many times that recommendations from one member of the staff or another helped make our time in Ocean Shores even better than it otherwise would’ve been.

In addition to the pool mentioned earlier, The Polynesian Resort is also home to a great free morning breakfast, free wi-fi internet, hot tub, private outdoor playground, basketball court, pool table, on-site restaurant, and a video game arcade. With all of these amenities, it’s very easy to spend time right there at the resort and not even have to go out into town.

Ocean Shores - 2015

The location of The Polynesian Resort is part of what makes it great too. It’s within walking distance of several of the best restaurants, great shopping opportunities, and even the beach that everyone comes to see. You can reach the beach from the pathway that leads there right from the hotel. You can also reach the beach in your car via the beach access road that is less than a mile away. This is cool because getting out and driving on the beach that you come to this part of Washington to see is one of the best parts of visiting there.

After a couple of nights, we were ready to unfortunately return home. We had a great time in Ocean Shores though and part of the reason was because we were staying at The Polynesian Resort.

Check out this amazing Ocean Shores resort online: The Polynesian Resort

Ocean Shores - 2015

A Visit To Pacific Beach State Park

We had the itch and wanted to head to the coast for some fresh ocean air.  Like a lot of people from Washington, I’d been to Ocean Shores a number of times.  I’d always had fun there but this time was looking for something different.

We ended up getting two brand new experiences.  First we chose Pacific Beach State Park, a place I’d never been, then we reserved two nights in one of the new yurts that Washington State Parks has installed at several of their properties.


I’ll do a post about our yurt excursion later (known in our family as our “yurtscursion”), back to Pacific Beach State Park.

This is a small park for a state park, mainly consisting of RV-friendly spaces.  Some very cool spaces are there too that are literally right next to the beach.  Most of the spaces are close to each other and there is very little in the form of trees and bushes.  It has a very relaxed feel to it though and seems to attract a friendly sort of traveler.


The real draw to Pacific Beach State Park though is the beach.  It doesn’t matter what spot you have you’re never more than two minutes from the sand.  And being at the beach is all about being out on the beach, right?  The beach there is great for wading, beachcombing, kite flying, sandcastle building, and more.



The surrounding area has a lot to offer too, with a drive in beach just a mile or so north.  You can drive out on the sand from there all the way to Moclips, a couple miles north.  Moclips is also home to the Museum of the North Beach which can be a fun and educational visit.  Back in Pacific Beach you’ll find a couple of motel/vacation rental/cottage option if the state park isn’t for you.  There’s also the Windjammer Restaurant out on a nearby naval facility, a couple of small grocery/convenient stores, a kite shop, and a bakery.

With the experience we had, I can’t possibly recommend Pacific Beach State Park more highly.

Stay at the Hilton in Seattle

Seattle is a great destination or stop on your next road trip. You can do a lot there, including all of the activities available down at Pike Place Market and the Seattle Waterfront, as well as other things like Woodland Park Zoo or going to a Mariners or Seahawks game. When you go there though, you do need to choose a place to stay.


Hilton is one of the most recognizable names in accommodations and the Hilton Seattle lives up to the prestige that goes with the name. From the fine stonework around the main entrance to the great views had by the rooms on the upper floors, you cannot go wrong staying at the Hilton when in this great city.

I loved staying at the Hilton because it put me in the heart of the part of Seattle that I wanted to see and explore. Westlake, an awesome shopping locale, was just a short stroll away, and I could easily walk down the street to Pike Place Market. When evening set in, I simply walked out of the Hilton’s front doors and explored the local streets looking for a place that looked like it served some great food, and there were plenty of options to choose from.


I also loved my room too. I don’t always get the chance to stay in a first class accommodation like this, so I really notice the differences in standards. Everything was ultra clean and every staff member I interacted with was super helpful. All the little “Hilton touches” were very nice too.

When looking at the view, the location, and the pleasant staff, it’s hard to come up with another place in Seattle where I would like to stay.

Check out the Hilton Seattle yourself. This place knows how to treat its guests!

A Great Vacation Rental in Sequim – 3 Crabs Beach House

I love going to Sequim. Any road trip on or around the Olympic Peninsula should definitely include a visit to Sequim. This small city is famous for its sunny weather, Dungeness Spit, lavender farms, easy access to the Olympic Mountains, and of course the Olympic Game Farm.


In need of a place to stay, and wanting to do something other than a hotel, I checked for some sort of vacation home that might be close to the water. One of the first options I stumbled upon was the 3 Crabs Beach House. I didn’t have high expectations, seeing as it was the first place I’d come across, but the more I checked it out the more I thought it would be pretty close to what I was looking for.

It was extremely economical, especially considering I quickly found out it was actually right on the water. It also looked like it had some great views. I booked our stay for two nights and got ready to enjoy some time in Sequim.

This was a very simple house, which was perfect, with some very cool features. First, there’s a hot tub on the deck which allows for viewing of the tankers and cruise ships that pass by all day and all night. The interior was very clean and had everything necessary to make for a pleasant stay. The best part of the whole thing though was outside. A short walk of 15-20 feet takes you from the deck to the sandy shore. We then had a pretty long stretch of open shore we could explore, hunting for shells and whatever other treasures had washed up.

To be honest, the house was so cool that we ended up spending more time there, because of the hot tub, deck, and waterfront, than we did scouring the local area for attractions. We still made it out to some of the biggies, but definitely left some to come back and check out later.

Our time at the 3 Crabs Beach House was a definite plus for our road trip.


Stay at the Hampton Inn & Suites Tacoma-Mall

So, I’m heading down I-5 on my way, once again, to Portland, and decide to take a day of my trip to spend in and around Tacoma. I love hunting down ghost signs, and Tacoma is a great source. Tacoma also has a very underrated waterfront too.

Hampton Inn and Suites Tacoma Mall

My motel of choice this night was the Hampton Inn & Suites Tacoma-Mall. This was convenient because it was right off the freeway and also because I thought I’d hit the mall before moving on too.

I’ve never gone wrong with a Hampton Inn before and this one right at the mall proved that track record correct. This was a very clean one too, both in the room as well as in the hallways and lobby areas. I’m not sure what kind of training they go through but I’ve always found Hampton Inn employees to be very well trained and extremely helpful. One young gentleman even steered me in the direction of an exceptional little place for dinner, that experience will have to wait for another post though.

The Hampton Inn & Suites Tacoma-Mall worked out perfectly for me. I can see it not only being useful to a road tripper like me who is just passing through the area, but also to someone going to Tacoma for a longer stay.

I’m not going to lie either, I made VERY good use of their free breakfast too!

The Hampton Inn & Suites Tacoma-Mall is an easy recommendation from NWRoadtrips.