The Awesome Mt. Hood Resort Condominiums in Welches, Oregon

The small town of Welches, Oregon is a place we stumbled on based on a last second decision. We’d spent a couple of nights in Portland and were thinking our next stop would be in Salem. That morning, we’d gotten up and instead decided to see about exploring south of Mount Hood.

Mount Hood dominates the local scenery in the Portland area and it was acting a bit like a magnet to me. I’d driven through the Columbia River Gorge a number of times and see the mountain from the north. But I’d never experienced the southern side. We headed east out of Gresham on Highway 26. It didn’t take long and we came to Welches. It looked like a good place to stay for a couple of nights while we explored Mount Hood.

Luckily for us, as we were kind of flying by the seat of our pants that day, we found an available place to stay at Mt. Hood Resort Condominiums. We were so impressed with the staff and their welcoming ways. We were even more impressed when we got to our unit and saw the large living space, complete with fireplace and television. Though we were there in summer, I imagine these units are pretty cozy in the winter when all the winter recreation is taking place on the slopes of the mountain.


Driving all over Mount Hood, up to the ski resort and off on a couple of forest roads, was great fun. This truly is a beautiful place. Exploring the southern side was a great decision. So was staying the night at Mt. Hood Resort Condominiums. That really added to the experience. It was something to really look forward to each night.

Two days later we decided to keep heading east, made it through the mountains, and then drove across the Warm Springs Indian Reservation, seeing yet another piece of the Pacific Northwest that had eluded us up to then. No place we stayed on the rest of that short trip through northern Oregon compared to the place we had at Mt. Hood Resort Condominiums though.