A Luxurious Waterfront Estate Between Chelan And Wenatchee

Lake Entiat Waterfront Estate

North Central Washington is totally worth being put on the list of road trip destinations to make. When you go there you can visit places like Lake Chelan, Grand Coulee Dam, Soap Lake, Dry Falls, the Methow Valley, the North Cascades Highway, and the Okanogan Valley. There are also a number of great state parks there, including Steamboat Rock State Park, Lake Wenatchee State Park, and Lake Chelan State Park. North Central Washington also features some fun communities worth visiting like Moses Lake, Wenatchee, Omak, Okanogan, Conconully, Winthrop, Leavenworth, and Cashmere. Another feature that dominates the landscape of this region is the Columbia River.

If you’re needing a base of operations to explore North Central Washington from, the Orondo area is pretty centrally located. You can stay there at this waterfront estate and have the time of your life. In fact, staying in a place might make it hard to tear yourself away and venture out to those other locations.

Lake Entiat Waterfront Estate

When you stay at this luxurious waterfront estate you’ll be treating yourself to an amazing vacation home. The house comfortably sleeps up to 16 people and features four bedrooms and four bathrooms. The dining area is large and the kitchen is fully equipped, perfect for feeding one or two people, even a small family, on up to a large group or extended family. The house features internet access, television, Bluetooth speaker capability throughout, and a number of private areas so that even at full capacity, people won’t be tripping over each other. There is also a media room with a 120 inch screen and projector too.

Lake Entiat Waterfront Estate

Step outside this home and into the backyard and that’s where you fall in love with the property. Right outside the backdoor is a full sized pool, perfect for adults and kids. Go beyond that and you’ll find the welcoming Columbia River, complete with a boat dock with a ladder to get down into or get up out of the water. Swimming in the river on a hot summer day can be the perfect ending to time outdoors in North Central Washington. that’s not all you can do there though. The home comes with kayaks and paddle boards that you are free to use, and even its own boat launch too. Combine all those things with a good sized backyard that is perfect for all kinds of outdoor games and it’s very easy to see just why renting this vacation home on the Columbia River could be one of the best travel decisions you ever make.

Lake Entiat Waterfront Estate

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Douglas County, Washington

Stay In Sunland Estates During A Road Trip Through Eastern Washington

Vacation Paradise in Sunland Estates

The freeway runs east and west through the central part of Washington State. Finding a place to vacation along Interstate 90 is pretty easy too as there are some wonderful destinations. Whether you’re driving east or west, somewhere between Spokane and Seattle. Or if you’re instead traveling north or south towards Wenatchee, the Okanogan, Grand Coulee Dam, Canada, the Tri-Cities, or Oregon, you’ll be passing right through a uniquely beautiful area of the state, the Columbia River at Vantage.

Across the river from Vantage, and just upriver a bit is a Vacation Paradise known as Sunland Estates. This small development features access to the water of the Columbia River as well as placement very near the top draw in the immediate vicinity, the Gorge Amphitheatre, which is home to some of the biggest concerts each summer. When you stay there, you’ll also be very near a number of other things to see and experience like major hydroelectric dams on the Columbia River, fruit stands all over the place, the very interesting Wild Horse Wind Farm, a couple of very interesting state parks, and plenty of outdoor recreation whether you’re interested in boating or off road vehicle use.

This really is one of the nicest vacation properties in the area and the whole gang can stay there as it comfortably sleeps up to 10 people. The backyard is where the action happens, with a large patio, plenty of seating, an outdoor grill, and a hot tub. The yard is large so there’s plenty of shade and green grass for the kids to explore and play in too. You can also take the short walk down to the river and spend time on the small beach there, cooling off in the water if that’s what sounds good to you.

Vacation Paradise in Sunland Estates

Back inside at your vacation rental, you’ll find a large floor plan, generous kitchen space, and plenty of isolated areas where your family or friends can break apart and find spots for themselves. With three bedrooms and three bathrooms, no one will be tripping over each other either. The house comes with internet, multiple televisions, a full garage, toys, dvd players, and all the kitchen appliances you’ll need too. The fact that you don’t have to worry about packing anything along other than clothes and food is completely underrated.

Vacation Paradise in Sunland Estates

Regardless of where you’re driving to or from in this part of Washington State, you can’t go wrong by taking a couple of days to enjoy the Columbia River and the Vantage area with a stay at this little piece of heaven in Sunland Estates.

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Vacation Paradise in Sunland Estates

Explore The Methow Valley While Staying At The Ranch

The Ranch The River Bank And Trees

The Ranch Wood Stove

Taking a road trip to a part of the northwest you haven’t been to before is a great way to set yourself up for a fabulous time. One area that is really worth exploring is the Methow Valley in North Central Washington.

The Methow Valley, home to the Methow River, is a beautiful rural area peppered with small towns and great scenery. If you love outdoor recreation, then this is the place for you. You’ll also be happy though just going on a scenic drive, visiting one of the many local communities, checking out some historical sites, or venturing off to capture some photos of some of the best scenery around.

One vacation property that really helps your time there be all that it can be is The Ranch.

The Ranch Bench

The Ranch features a welcoming and cozy decor, along with some great amenities. The kitchen is fully stocked which makes for some fun meals in your home away from home, and also helps save money rather than eating out too. If you travel with a pet, The Ranch features an outdoor enclosed pen that connects right up to the house. The wireless internet at The Ranch is a nice addition to the rural surroundings too. All of the furniture, from the living area to the bedrooms, is very comfortable too. If there is a chill in the air, the wood stove will be a nice feature that you can take advantage of too.

Outdoors, you’ll love your time at The Ranch. There are trails that head off in several directions, and some of them link up to other local trail systems. You’ll also have relatively easy access, via a trail down the bank, to the Methow River that runs right by your vacation home away from home. Kick back and enjoy the sound of the rushing water if you’d like. If you really want to, you can also splash around in the cold mountain water.

Venturing out from The Ranch will allow you to see things like the Old West town of Winthrop, the Columbia River community of Pateros, the high mountain beauty of Washington Pass and the North Cascades Highway, as well as attractions a little farther away like Grand Coulee Dam, Chief Joseph Dam, Lake Chelan, Rocky Reach Dam, and Wenatchee.

The Ranch The River Bank And Trees

If outdoor recreation is your thing, depending on what time of year you’re visiting, you’ll have choices like hiking, skiing, river rafting, water skiing, hot air ballooning, rock climbing, mountain biking, and more.

A visit to the Methow Valley can be a lot of fun and to make the most of it, you should look into staying at a great rural vacation home, The Ranch.

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The Ranch in the Methow Valley

Visit Lake Chelan On A Road Trip Through North Central Washington

Chelan Resort Suites Exterior

Lake Chelan View

A road trip through North Central Washington can be a fun way to see a part of the northwest that you may otherwise not get the chance to. This area is famous for high mountain peaks, rons of great lakes and rivers, lowland agricultural areas, and even scenery that can accurately be described as desertlike. With this wide variety of scenery, it’s no shock that there is plenty to see and do.

One of the top spots to visit in the region is Lake Chelan. This famous 51 mile long lake features cold and crisp water that comes straight from the high Cascade Mountains. Lake Chelan is home to some great water recreation and it also features a fun little community, a small nearby casino, and plenty of the best scenery around. Within an easy drive, you can also find yourself visiting a number of hydroelectric dams, a real old west town, a small Bavarian themed community, and more. You can even take a boat ride to a tiny uplake village that isn’t connected by road to the outside world.

When you stop at Lake Chelan during a visit to this area, you’ll need a great place to stay. Just such a place is waiting for you at Chelan Resort Suites.

Chelan Resort Suites Exterior

Chelan Resort Suites features a stunning location, right on the water and adjacent to a large park and plenty of beach and water access. The condo unit itself is also a positive as it is very comfortable and welcoming. Your condo will also feature some very nice modern amenities, including wireless internet, a barbecue area, and a pool. It really does have all you need to have a great stay on Lake Chelan.

If you’re ready to head out, you’ll love finding out that your condo is placed perfectly to take advantage of the immediate area around the community of Chelan. On the south shore of the lake are Lake Chelan State Park and Twenty-Five Mile State Park, as well as Fields Point Landing. You can venture out on the water too in several ways like kayak, jet ski, and boat rental. You can also buy a ticket on the Lady of the Lake that will take you on a boat ride all the way up the 51 mile long lake. You’ll even have time to get out and wander around Stehekin, a small village that isn’t connected by road to the outside world. On the north shore of the lake you’ll find the rest of Chelan and the small town of Manson. You’ll also find out there the chance to visit the Mill Bay Casino for some fun gaming or entertainment options.

Chelan Resort Suites Kitchen

If you’re just looking for a chance to stretch your legs, you can head out the front door of your condo and walk into town. Chelan is a great community to explore on foot and it’s very easy to find a nice little shop, a great tasting restaurant, or a fun pub or bar. You’ll also be treating yourself to some other great places to view the lake from too. Exploring Chelan on foot can be a lot of fun.

Back at your condo though, Chelan Resort Suites has gone out of their way to give you plent to enjoy back at your home away from home. It’s very easy to have a great time there, whether you want to stay in, go out, or do a combination of both.

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Chelan Resort Suites – Lake Chelan

Spend The Night At The Hampton Inn – Richland / Tri-Cities!

Hampton Inn - Richland

When it comes to Eastern Washington road trip destinations, it’s hard to top the Tri-Cities. When you visit there you can expose yourself to the Tri-City Americans hockey team, the Columbia Center mall, the scenic Columbia River, several local and state parks, some nearby hydroelectric dams, and a nice selection of shops, restaurants, galleries, and museums. It’s one of those rare destinations that really does offer something for everyone.

On one of our recent visits to the Tri-Cities, we also had the luxury of spending the night at the Hampton Inn – Richland / Tri-Cities.

This is a very nice hotel that makes it difficult to get out and explore the surrounding area because it’s so comfortable and has so much to do right there. The lobby and hallways are very welcoming, as is the staff. When we entered we caught a glimpse of where the free breakfast would be served in the morning and that looked very promising.

Our room was also comfortable and welcoming, as well as clean. The decor and the television were very modern and the free wireless internet was used and approved of by every member of the family. I enjoyed the fitness center as it had a nice selection of equipment. The kids loved the pool. If there’s one thing a hotel needs to make my kids happy it’s a good pool and the one at the Hampton Inn – Richland / Tri-Cities definitely lived up to the test. That breakfast the next morning? Just what we all needed to start the day off right.

Two things that we didn’t expect to find adjacent to our lodging when we came to the Tri-Cities that we all loved was the Riverfront Trail and also Howard Amon Park which was right next door. From the hotel, the Riverfront Trail leads downriver to more hotels, parks, and a golf course. Upriver, you can follow the Riverfront Trail through parks and near residential areas. All along the Columbia River, you can take some great scenic photos right from the Riverfront Trail. Howard Amon Park is just a short stroll from the hotel and features wide open spaces, boat docks and launches, playground toys, tennis courts, and more. Combined, we spent more than a few hours just enjoying some fresh air and we didn’t even have to drive away from the hotel.

The Tri-Cities is a great destination with a lot to do and see. If you go there, stay at the Hampton Inn – Richland and assure yourself of the best stay possible.

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Hampton Inn – Richland / Tri-Cities

A Great Stay At “Sunny Daze” In Chelan, Washington

Sunny Daze - Chelan Vacation Rental

Sunny Daze - Chelan Vacation Rental

Anyone who has driven through the northern part of Central Washington can tell you that one of the most loved getaways in the area is Lake Chelan. This huge lake, over 50 miles in length, is home to all kinds of outdoor recreation and natural scenic beauty. The towns of Chelan and Manson at the bottom of the lake are both fun places to visit too, each offering great dining options and shopping experiences. In the outskirts, you can drive along the Columbia River and, if you’re there during the right time of year, take advantage of the abundant fresh produce. It’s a very special place to visit.

When you go there, one of the best ways to experience the locale is by renting a vacation home. A rental home gives you much more independence and usually a lot more room too. A great vacation rental in Chelan is available there and goes by the name of Sunny Daze.

Sunny Daze is located in the lakeside village known as The Lookout. This great little home sleeps up to 10, has a great kitchen with everything you would need for a long stay, and is comfortable and welcoming of all who go there. This is the kind of vacation home that you’ll love to settle into at the end of an active day. It’ll very quickly feel like you’re relaxing in your own home.

The backyard of Sunny Daze is one of the highlights of staying there. It has comfortable seating for everyone, a barbecue to use as you will, a gas fire pit, and even a putting green if golf is your game. Kicking back and relaxing in the backyard of Sunny Daze in Chelan is very easy and very rewarding.

If you’re going to Chelan, you should check out a vacation rental like Sunny Daze!

Website: Sunny Daze in Chelan

You’re Sure To Love The River Place In Leavenworth, Washington

A visit to the Bavarian themed town of Leavenworth is always special. You’re sure to find some great tasting food and a number of fun things to do. You need a great place to stay though and one that stands out above many is a little vacation rental known as The River Place.

The River Place Leavenworth

The River Place is a rental home that sleeps four and has an atmosphere of privacy. The deck you sit on there looks out over some of the most beautiful scenery. The yard is large which means it’s a great place for small families to come. There are a good many trees around the property which will shield you from your neighbors. The kitchen at The River Place is one of the best parts of the house, fully equipped for anything you’ll want to create while you stay there. Throughout the house you’ll find comfortable decor and furnishings, including in the bedrooms.

The River Place Leavenworth

As nice as it is though, one of the best part about The River Place is its location. With it being just two blocks away from the popular downtown area of Leavenworth, this is the perfect place to stay to enjoy nearly all that the city has to offer. You’ll be able to get out and explore the local shops, get some of the tastiest treats available, eat some of the best meals you can find, and just soak in an atmosphere you couldn’t find anywhere else.

When you’re all through, you just walk the two blocks back “home” to The River Run.

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Website: The River Run

Stay At Campbell’s Resort When Visiting Lake Chelan

North Central Washington is a beautiful part of the Pacific Northwest, and the perfect area for a road trip. Heading through this area will treat you to the North Cascades, the Bavarian community of Leavenworth, the wide open spaces of the Okanogan area, the Old West town of Winthrop, and all the fresh produce located throughout the region. One of the top places to stop and spend some time at is the small community of Chelan.

Chelan sits on the southeastern end of 50+ mile long Lake Chelan. The area is gorgeous and offers some fun experiences thanks to the water of the lake, the surrounding hillsides, plus local attractions like farms, wineries, museums, state parks, hydroelectric dams, ski areas, wildlife viewing spots, and more.

Chelan also offers a vibrant community that features some top notch restaurants, a nice supply of interesting small shops to explore, and plenty of popular nightspots as well. Getting out and walking around in Chelan can be a lot of fun and a big part of enjoying being there. You always need a place to retreat to and spend the night too. In Chelan, one of the best places is Campbell’s Resort.

Campbells Resort 5

Campbell’s Resort sits on the shore of Lake Chelan and features everything you need to accent your stay in Chelan. In fact, it features everything you need to have a fun time without even leaving the resort. With hundreds of feet of private beach, two swimming pools, two hot tubs, and lots of wide open landscaped area to relax on or for kids to play on. Swimming in the cold mountain water of Lake Chelan right out in front of the resort is a lot of fun too.

Campbells Resort 6

Inside Campbell’s Resort you’ll find clean and comfortable rooms of many types. The decor is very cool too as it really has a true Pacific Northwest flavor. The resort also offers a couple of on-site eating opportunities too which is very nice.

Campbells Resort 2

Chelan is a very popular destination and for very good reason. It really does offer a truly special experience. It’s perfect as a multi-day destination or just a quick overnighter on your way through the area. Either way, Campbell’s Resort can make your stay even better. Whether you want to get out and explore the community and the surrounding area or if you’d like to just hunker down in one spot and relax, it really can serve whatever purpose you have.

When you go to leave Chelan and Campbell’s Resort behind you, you’ll have memories that will remind you just why this place draws visitors from far and wide. You’ll probably even find yourself recommending it to others as a great place to go.

Campbells Resort 4

Campbell’s Resort in Chelan has been welcoming visitors for a very long time. It’s remained one of the top draws in the region and staying there will show you just why that is. You can trust you’ll have a top notch stay at this first class resort.

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