Explore The Dalles, Oregon Area From This Rowena Waterfront Rental

The Columbia River Gorge is a beautiful place to explore. It features the impressive Columbia River, several large hydroelectric dams, and a lot of gorgeous natural and historic places to see. The Dalles area is a great place to use as a headquarters for exploring the Columbia River Gorge. It sits on the gorge’s east side, right where the plains and farmland of Eastern Oregon starts to rise into the Cascade Mountains.

The Dalles is a small community that has a lot to offer around it. It’s conveniently accessible from the east, west, north, and south. There are a lot of places to stay at there and in the surrounding areas so many people come looking for hotels in The Dalles. We found though that a great overnight experience can be had there by getting creative when looking for lodging in The Dalles. If you go away from hotels and search out a vacation rental, you might have an even better experience.


Our visit to the area was made even better when we decided to stay just west of The Dalles in the tiny community of Rowena at a waterfront vacation rental that had everything we needed. Located at the midway point between The Dalles and Hood River, our vacation getaway was perfect for watching or participating in some of the best windsurfing and kiteboarding opportunities in the world. It even offered its own private beach right on the river, very secluded too. There’s even easy access to some local popular bicycling areas.


Our Rowena vacation getaway also offered a huge deck and barbecue area that would’ve been able to take care of far more than the people in our party. There’s an on-site caretaker that can solve any problems and point out all the amenities. The entire home, inside and out, has been exquisitely designed and decorated with intricate wood and rock work. It’s both very comfortable and very upscale at the very same time.


This incredible Rowena waterfront home offers three bedrooms, sleeps up to 10, and offers a media room as well as several fun activities like ping pong and croquet. There’s plenty of room outside too.


We had a great time exploring the Columbia River, The Dalles, and the Hood River area. Our stay there though was truly maximized with our choice of lodging in The Dalles, and we can’t recommend it enough.

Check Out This Rowena, Oregon Vacation Rental

Premiere Rowena Waterfront Home

Spend the Night at the Wildhorse Resort & Casino in Pendleton

Wildhorse Resort Casino2

The Wildhorse Resort and Casino in Pendleton, Oregon is the perfect spot to head to when on a road trip through Eastern Oregon or when traveling back and forth between Washington and Idaho. You can find a lot of things at Wildhorse, including golf, live entertainment, dining options, and of course gambling. You can also find it to be a very nice and conveniently located place to spend the night.

Rising up out of the desert like landscape that surrounds the Wildhorse Casino is the resort’s 10 story tall Tower Hotel. I specifically requested a room near the top because I wanted to check out the view and I was not disappointed. I didn’t have the time on this trip to make use of one of the available golf packages that could be combined with the hotel stay, but I’ll be remembering that for my next trip through the area. I did make use of both the sauna and hot tub though and that was the perfect way to end the day.

The entertainment options being conveniently located right on the grounds with the hotel make the Wildhorse Resort and Casino much more than just a place to spend the night. I got pretty lucky that night on video poker but didn’t really leave with much winnings. That was alright because I’d budgeted a small amount for gambling there and gotten well over a few hours of entertainment back for my investment.

The next day I was moving on to Idaho. The Wildhorse Resort and Casino was in the rearview mirror but will always be on the radar if I take another road trip along that stretch of highway.

Rent a Vacation Home in Bend, Oregon

When on a road trip, I enjoy all sorts of accommodations. Camping, motels, condos, and bed & breakfasts are all appealing in their own way and for their own individual reasons. Sometimes though, especially for a bit of an extended stay, there is nothing like renting a vacation home.

What I like most about vacation home rental is that it really can feel like home in a very short time. You get a feeling of independence a little more than in almost any other kind of vacation stay. If you’re like me and you like cooking, vacation rentals also help accentuate that fun part of travel.

The town of Bend in Oregon has been a vacation mecca for years. The sunny weather, loads of options for getting out and being active, and the close proximity to the mountains have made it extremely popular with a great many people. I love Bend. I love everything about Bend. It is a first class destination and at the same time very much retains its feel of being a small town.

Bend Vacation Rental

When I was in search of a vacation rental in Bend, I went right to BendVacationRentals.com. Their website is very easy to navigate and it was extremely fast to search through the available homes there and check for availability. Once I found the home that I was interested, it took just minutes to reserve and arrange for my stay.

BendVacationRentals.com seems like the go to place for vacation rentals during a vacation in Bend. Staying in a first class home sure did help us enjoy our stay there even more that we otherwise would have.

Bend Vacation Rental2