Bring The Kids To Pacific Paradise In Ocean Shores, Washington

Ocean Shores - 2015 (49)

One of the challenges to going on a road trip with kids is to make sure they’re properly entertained. Few things entertain kids more than a good arcade or fun center. Luckily for those coming to Ocean Shores, they have just that in Pacific Paradise.

Pacific Paradise is located one block off the main road into Ocean Shores and can easily be reached, even on foot, from most of the more popular hotels in town. Walking up the street and seeing the flags fly and the signs on the sides of the building gets the blood pumping in the younger ones. And arriving there is sure to put smiles on their faces.

The main building of Pacific Paradise is filled with a nice selection of video games. Our kids enjoyed going from one to the next as they battled bad guys, drove off road vehicles, and played sports. They also got the chance to try games like skeeball, basketball shooting games, and more. There are even ticket games to play with prizes that can be bought.

Video games aren’t the only thing available at Pacific Paradise though.

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Pacific Paradise is also home to a very nice miniature golf course and the whole family can have fun playing against each other. We had just as much fun as our kids walking around the golf course and trying our hand at some very tricky shots.

The most loved part of Pacific Paradise though, as far as our kids were concerned, were the bumper boats. Both kids took right to these little engine powered bouncy boats and had a blast sneaking up on and bouncing their sibling into the pool wall or another driver. We even had to give in and spring for a second ride too. It was worth it though when you saw them laughing and enjoying themselves so much.

Ocean Shores - 2015 (50)

A visit to Pacific Paradise is a great idea for any family.

Check out this wonderful Ocean Shores attraction online: Pacific Paradise