The Oregon Zoo in Portland

I love a good zoo and one of the better parts about roadtripping is getting the opportunity to stop at a zoo or wildlife attraction whenever one pops up along your route. Whenever I find myself going through the Portland area, I count myself lucky that I have the option to stop off at The Oregon Zoo.

I can spend hours at The Oregon Zoo. This very cool zoo features wonderful walking trails that guide you past displays that very much make you feel like you are looking at wild animals out in their own habitat. With over 200 different species of animals, including 22 endangered, it is easy to stay entertained just knowing that there is something else very cool just around the next corner. In addition to the enclosures, I also like watching the different public feedings and animal exhibitions that are put on there.

If you are roadtripping with kids, your experience there will be even better. There is nothing quite like seeing animals like these for the first time through the eyes of a child.

The Oregon Zoo is nationally known for presenting a great exhibition of wild animals in a way that the public can appreciate them, learn from them, and go away knowing they have seen animals they had never seen before. You are a very lucky person when you get to go and check out The Oregon Zoo.

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