Ski Stevens Pass

Stevens Pass
If you’ve traveled across the Cascade Mountains on Highway 2, you’ve passed right beneath the Stevens Pass Ski Area. This amazing ski area sits right on the crest of the Cascades and receives an abundance of snow. If it’s dumping snow in the mountains, you can be sure its dumping at Stevens Pass.

The ski area has lots of great runs to take advantage of and in recent years has really gone above and beyond in its efforts to add a terrain park featuring some of the best and biggest jumps in the state of Washington.

I went to Stevens Pass recently during the warmer months, which some people might not understand. What is just becoming more and more known though is that Stevens Pass, after the snow melts, has transformed its once dormant summer season into a haven for mountain bike enthusiasts. There are a few great trails to check out, along with some wonderful obstacles and park features as well. If you’re feeling a little weak in the knees, you can even avoid the hard climb up the mountain and take your bike up to the top on a chair lift ride and then just ride back down.

Another part of the summer offerings at Stevens Pass is a disc golf course which is great fun. Combine that with the restaurant and snack bar offerings and you have yourself all you need for a fun day away from the city.

A road trip across the mountains can be a lot more fun with a stop off at Stevens Pass, no matter what time of year it is.