Roadside Stop: Clear Creek Falls Overlook Near White Pass

Located just on the east side of White Pass, Clear Creek Falls is on, naturally, Clear Creek. This creek flows to the east down the dry side of the Cascade Mountains into Clear Lake. The water from there takes a short trip further down the canyon before emptying into the very popular Rimrock Lake. Higher up though, far above that, is the Clear Creek Falls Overlook.

The overlook consists of a small parking lot, a restroom, and a short trail that provides a number of different overlooks at the falls.

Clear Creek Falls Overlook

Whether heading west towards Packwood or Mt. Rainier, or east towards Yakima and Eastern Washington, this can be a nice little place to stop and have a small picnic, take a stroll and see the falls, and enjoy the view down into a large canyon that opens up towards the Rimrock Lake area.

Clear Creek Falls Overlook

Depending on how long your trip is, the Clear Creek Falls Overlook can be a welcome sight to see. Even if not though, it’s worth the time to stop and take in the fresh air while seeing what can, especially early in the year, be a pretty impressive waterfall.