Montana’s $50000 Silver Dollar Bar


Experienced road trippers know that there are some exceptional things worth seeing out there. You always want to stop and check out a famous historical site and see first hand where something important really happened. You also can’t help but stop off and view, and even take photos of, some of the more beautiful pieces of scenery that are out there. There are also famous towns, campgrounds, factories, stores, parks, restaurants, and other things worth seeing too.

All that stuff is really important, but if you are like me at all, you also need to stop and check out the odd, eye catching, unusual, and interesting places too. In that category comes a favorite stop not too long ago, just off Interstate 90. One of the first possible places to stop when you’re entering Montana on I-90 is the $50000 Silver Dollar Bar. This unique attraction is much more than just a bar.

There really are $50000 in silver dollars on display at this bar. Some are mounted on the walls and some are embedded in the top of the bar. They turn up everywhere you want to look. This bar started as a silver dollar collection back in the early 1950s and has grown to include a restaurant, motel, RV parking, gas station, convenience store, casino, and gift shop. Occassionally, you may even find a live concert going on in the meadow behind it… occasionally.

This roadside attraction can’t be missed either, not just because of all the signage at the site, but because of the many billboards announcing how many miles ahead of you it is as you’re driving that way.

Whether stopping just to take your photo out front or going inside to enjoy the gambling, food, drinks, or other action, the $50000 Silver Dollar Bar should not be missed.