Glacier National Park’s Red Bus Tours

Without a doubt, Glacier National Park is one of the top attractions in Western Montana. This park covers more than one million acres and welcomes over 1.8 million visitors each year. The city it is closest to is Kalispell, Montana. When you go there, get ready to see some of the most spectacular scenery you have ever seen in your entire life.

I had been to Glacier National Park for an extended stay a few years ago, so when I had the opportunity to pay a quick visit there with a friend, I jumped at it. Having limited time in the park, we planned it out to the minute and came up with a short list of things we definitely wanted to see. As luck would have it, the item at the top of both of our lists was taking a Red Bus Tour.


If you’re not familiar with the Red Buses that cart vacationers around inside Glacier National Park, they really are something else. Produced by the White Motor Company, these distinctive looking red tour buses were put in use in the park beginning in the 1930s. The buses stayed in service right up until 1999 when they were retired due to vehicle fatigue. Through a partnership with the Ford Motor Company though, 18 months of work on 33 vehicles resulted in a fully restored fleet of tour buses back on the job in Glacier National Park.

During my previous trip to the park, I’d driven myself around on the well mapped out roads there. As a dyed in the wool road tripper, this was great. The only problem was that due to having to concentrate on driving, I could not always fully enjoy the view or take the photo that I wished I could’ve taken. This time would be different though, I booked us passage on the classic Red Buses and would leave the work to someone else.

I got to tell you, this was one of the best decisions I’d ever made. Okay, that’s probably an exageration, but it was a really good idea. I didn’t miss a thing this time and I had the photos to prove it. Plus, the experience of riding in a 90 year old vehicle driven by an experienced tour guide was well worth the price. Check another one off the dream list!

If you get the chance, a Red Bus Tour is something you don’t want to miss out on.