Sky High Sports – Spokane

Are you ready to bounce off the walls?

That’s the question asked by Sky High Sports in Spokane, Washington.

Wanting to try something I’d never done before, I “JUMPED” at the chance to check out Sky High Sports when I was recently in Spokane. This is an incredible facility. It is huge and possesses I don’t know how many trampolines that take up all of the space in a large open gymnasium of sorts. There are even angled trampolines along the walls so that when you get to the wall you can bounce back and go the other way.

We had a blast there as I learned to do some tricks I never thought I could do. For me, the most fun was running on the trampolines and then bouncing up on the the angled ones only to bounce back out into the “field of play”.


Sky High Sports hosts dodgeball tournaments (which must be a blast), birthday parties, AIRobics classes, and special events for large groups. This is one place you cannot help but have a ton of fun at. A real treat for anyone visiting Spokane who wants to get out and be a little active.