Let It Ride Electric Bicycles in Bend, Oregon

Bend - Let It Ride

The city of Bend, Oregon is a gorgeous little place just east of the Cascade Mountains in Eastern Oregon. Many people go there every year for all that the surrounding area has, from tall mountain peaks, to thick forests, both raging and lazy stretches of river, and more. If you find yourself in Bend though, don’t forget to take a look at the city itself. You don’t want to miss out on the special treats that are right under your feet or just down the block.

I got to experience Bend first hand in a totally unique way when I signed up to take a Electric Bike Tour through Let It Ride Electric Bicycles located right there in town. I hadn’t come to town with my own bike, so Let It Ride took care of the bike helmet and everything.

Our tour set off, included just seven of us, and we made our way easily around town. We were shown some historic buildings, parks, and other areas, all while only pedaling if we really wanted to. The electric bikes were comfortable and easy to operate. The information was top notch too. It really was a fun time.

Not only did I come away from my Let It Ride tour of Bend with some very cool information, but I also came away looking into converting my bike at home into an electric bike. This was that much fun.

If you find yourself in Bend, you should definitely check out Let It Ride Electric Bicycles. If you’re not interested in the tour, you can just rent the bikes to take out on your own time too.