Have Dinner Aboard Accent Cruises in Vancouver, British Columbia

Loving road trips, I know there are few things that can measure up to just getting in the car and going for a drive. Seeing the region out the window of my vehicle has always been a highlight. Once you arrive at a destination though, there are other great ways to see the world around you.

I love boat tours for a number of reasons, but the main reason is that it allows you to see a location from a completely different perspective. On a recent visit to Vancouver, British Columbia, I was lucky enough to go on a boat tour put on by the incredible Accent Cruises.


Accent Cruises offers a number of different types of cruises that either have different themes or go along different routes. Their headquarters is located in Historic Granville Island, right in the middle of beautiful Vancouver. They are open all year long and have very modern ships and provide excellent service.

I chose to go on a dinner cruise with Accent Cruises and it was a real treat. I was welcomed warmly, had a fun time exploring the ship, and settled in for what was promised to be a great meal. That promise was well founded too as the grilled salmon and garlic teriyaki chicken were both excellent.
Just as excellent were the views of Vancouver’s skyline and the natural areas surrounding the city. At various points during our time on the ship, we would move around to get different perspectives. We saw houses built high on the cliff wall, marine life swimming by us, tanker ships entering the harbor, and historic sites that the ship’s staff helpfully pointed out to us. Between the meal and the views, this was almost the perfect dinner cruise.

Next time I’m back in Vancouver, I may just have to book a cruise with Accent Cruises all over again.