The Polynesian Resort in Ocean Shores – You Can’t Go Wrong

Ocean Shores - 2015 (44)

There are a lot of fun places to head to along the Washington Coast when it comes time to have a good time at the ocean. For anyone who loves going on road trips, the North Beach area is made for you, and if you’re heading there, Ocean Shores has got just about all you’d need to have a very memorable experience.

Finding a place to stay in Ocean Shores is easy too because there are a lot of options. One of the best is one we were able to sample just recently. I’d driven by The Polynesian Resort a number of times on our earlier trips to Ocean Shores and always appreciated the unique look the property has. For this recent trip, we decided to give the big place a try.

Checking in was a smooth and flawless process and the kids were excited to see the swimming pool right from the lobby. We made it up to the room and were surprised to find that we actually had more room than when we needed. When was the last time that happened? I don’t know. We had a full kitchen, a comfortable living room with a flat screen TV, and a whole separate bedroom with a king size bed and another TV. There was also a balcony and that couch in the living room of course folded out into a bed as well.

The entire resort, from the lobby to the room, was very clean and smelled fresh. It was also picturesque too, from the decor in the lobby to the grounds outside. And the staff was extremely friendly. In fact, there were many times that recommendations from one member of the staff or another helped make our time in Ocean Shores even better than it otherwise would’ve been.

In addition to the pool mentioned earlier, The Polynesian Resort is also home to a great free morning breakfast, free wi-fi internet, hot tub, private outdoor playground, basketball court, pool table, on-site restaurant, and a video game arcade. With all of these amenities, it’s very easy to spend time right there at the resort and not even have to go out into town.

Ocean Shores - 2015

The location of The Polynesian Resort is part of what makes it great too. It’s within walking distance of several of the best restaurants, great shopping opportunities, and even the beach that everyone comes to see. You can reach the beach from the pathway that leads there right from the hotel. You can also reach the beach in your car via the beach access road that is less than a mile away. This is cool because getting out and driving on the beach that you come to this part of Washington to see is one of the best parts of visiting there.

After a couple of nights, we were ready to unfortunately return home. We had a great time in Ocean Shores though and part of the reason was because we were staying at The Polynesian Resort.

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Ocean Shores - 2015