Stay at the Hilton in Seattle

Seattle is a great destination or stop on your next road trip. You can do a lot there, including all of the activities available down at Pike Place Market and the Seattle Waterfront, as well as other things like Woodland Park Zoo or going to a Mariners or Seahawks game. When you go there though, you do need to choose a place to stay.


Hilton is one of the most recognizable names in accommodations and the Hilton Seattle lives up to the prestige that goes with the name. From the fine stonework around the main entrance to the great views had by the rooms on the upper floors, you cannot go wrong staying at the Hilton when in this great city.

I loved staying at the Hilton because it put me in the heart of the part of Seattle that I wanted to see and explore. Westlake, an awesome shopping locale, was just a short stroll away, and I could easily walk down the street to Pike Place Market. When evening set in, I simply walked out of the Hilton’s front doors and explored the local streets looking for a place that looked like it served some great food, and there were plenty of options to choose from.


I also loved my room too. I don’t always get the chance to stay in a first class accommodation like this, so I really notice the differences in standards. Everything was ultra clean and every staff member I interacted with was super helpful. All the little “Hilton touches” were very nice too.

When looking at the view, the location, and the pleasant staff, it’s hard to come up with another place in Seattle where I would like to stay.

Check out the Hilton Seattle yourself. This place knows how to treat its guests!