Stay at the Hampton Inn & Suites Tacoma-Mall

So, I’m heading down I-5 on my way, once again, to Portland, and decide to take a day of my trip to spend in and around Tacoma. I love hunting down ghost signs, and Tacoma is a great source. Tacoma also has a very underrated waterfront too.

Hampton Inn and Suites Tacoma Mall

My motel of choice this night was the Hampton Inn & Suites Tacoma-Mall. This was convenient because it was right off the freeway and also because I thought I’d hit the mall before moving on too.

I’ve never gone wrong with a Hampton Inn before and this one right at the mall proved that track record correct. This was a very clean one too, both in the room as well as in the hallways and lobby areas. I’m not sure what kind of training they go through but I’ve always found Hampton Inn employees to be very well trained and extremely helpful. One young gentleman even steered me in the direction of an exceptional little place for dinner, that experience will have to wait for another post though.

The Hampton Inn & Suites Tacoma-Mall worked out perfectly for me. I can see it not only being useful to a road tripper like me who is just passing through the area, but also to someone going to Tacoma for a longer stay.

I’m not going to lie either, I made VERY good use of their free breakfast too!

The Hampton Inn & Suites Tacoma-Mall is an easy recommendation from NWRoadtrips.