Lincoln City’s Siletz Bay Lodge

Lincoln City has been like a magnet to me since I was a little kid. I have so many great memories of heading to this part of the Oregon Coast with my mom, brother, and sister. Without fail, I cannot let more than a couple years go by now without returning their even these days.

My last trip through this always changing and always welcoming little oceanside slice of paradise saw me staying at the Siletz Bay Lodge. Siletz Bay has a unique look about it when compared to the rest of Lincoln City that sits out on the ocean beach. You can still easily get to the oceanfront beach, it’s just a short walk, but staying on this little bay can give you a feeling of being tucked away in a cozy nook while still being right in the middle of it all.

Lincoln City Siletz Bay Lodge

The lodge itself is awesome. It is very modern and very clean. Our room not only featured the basic necessities for a night away from home, but also had free wi-fi, plenty of computer ports, a coffee maker, and both a microwave and a refrigerator. Outside the room, the rest of the lodge featured a gift shop, laundry area, comfortable sitting area, and a hot tub that we had to make use of. The continental breakfast was also very nice, offering something for everyone.

Lincoln City is famous for its seven and a half miles of walkable beaches. Accessing them from the Siletz Bay Lodge was extremely easy too. Other nearby attractions included the Tanger Outlet Mall, D’River Wayside, Desert Storm War Memorial, Devils Lake, and more. Plus, just hanging out and watching the action that takes place on the small bay is fun too. To experience Lincoln City fully, I thought this pleasant little lodge was perfectly placed.

The Siletz Bay Lodge played a big role in us having yet another fun memory making trip to the Lincoln City area.