The Hotel Rio Vista In Winthrop Makes For A Great Road Trip Stop

Winthrop on the Cascade Loop

One of the more unique and special towns in the Pacific Northwest is Winthrop, Washington. This little community is located up in the North Cascades, just east of Washington Pass, Mazama, and North Cascades National Park. It’s the perfect place to head to for a great getaway. If you’re wanting to take a road trip on the North Cascades Highway, it’s also a great place to stop along the way.

Winthrop has a very rural mountain feel to it. This is mainly due to the incredible scenery located all around it. it also doesn’t hurt that the town has an Old West theme that it adheres to from one end to the other. That’s right, all of the businesses in the downtown area and beyond feature Old West designs, architecture, and decor. This really does make it one of the more unique experiences you’re bound to visit in the Northwest.

NWRoadtrips Hotel Rio Vista Front

Staying in Winthrop is a lot of fun. One of the best places to stay when you go there is the Hotel Rio Vista. This elaborately decorated Old West hotel is located on the east end of town and is the perfect spot to headquarter your stay from.

The Hotel Rio Vista offers more than just decor and a cowboy theme though. It’s perched right on the shore of the river running in front of it. In fact, every room in the hotel features its very own private deck where you can venture out and enjoy a view of the river and the local scenery. You’ll also love the hot tub that overlooks the same view.

NWRoadtrips Hotel Rio Vista View

NWRoadtrips Hotel Rio Vista Riverfront

Being able to set out from the Hotel Rio Vista and easily walk to any of the local restaurants, bars, shops, the local museum, and the nearby pedestrian suspension bridge also shows just why so many like coming back there year after year.

Venturing out from Winthrop allows you to experience things like North Cascades National Park, Washington Pass, Diablo Lake, and the communities of Mazama, Twisp, and Pateros. Even Lake Chelan can be reached easily from Winthrop. And when you’re done experiencing that, you get to return “home” to the welcoming Hotel Rio Vista. It can’t get much better than that.

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Winthrop on the Cascade Loop