Six Great Reasons To Stay At Ovenell’s Heritage Inn in Concrete, Washington

The Concrete, Washington area is a beautiful part of the state and a great place to visit. There’s a lot of reasons to go there, including the North Cascades Highway, nearby North Cascades National Park, and a number of opportunities for outdoor recreation. If you’re looking for lodging in Concrete, you won’t be disappointed with Ovenell’s Heritage Inn.

Concrete - Ovenells Heritage Inn

We were lucky enough to stay in Concrete at Ovenell’s Heritage Inn recently, and here’s a look at the six main reasons we enjoyed our time there.

The Lodging

Concrete - Ovenells Heritage Inn ~16
The lodging options at Ovenell’s Heritage Inn are incredible. We stayed in one of the guest houses available there, though there are cabins available as well. The guest houses and cabins are located on a working farm, very near wide open pastures and forested areas. The outside of the house was decorated perfectly and the landscaping was pleasant and also offered some privacy from the nearby units. Inside, the cleanliness was immediately recognizable. It was also outfitted well too with free wireless internet, flatscreen TV, a fully stocked kitchen, and incredibly comfortable beds. The wraparound deck was a favorite part for both us and the kids. There was plenty of seating out there too for both relaxing as well as sharing a meal outdoors. It was really something special.

The Atmosphere

Concrete - Ovenells Heritage Inn
One of the things we were looking for during this chance to visit Concrete was to have a relaxing time. Ovenell’s Heritage Inn was perfect for this. Sitting inside, the house was laid out with plenty of space for everyone to stretch out and at the same time with places everyone can gather together. The quiet farm atmosphere there made sitting outside a pleasure. Whether listening to the quiet or watching the grazing cows that would occasionally come by the back deck, relaxing was something that was very easily done. As you walk around the property, including on the trails that take you down to the river and into the forested areas of the farm, this feeling of relaxation meets you absolutely everywhere.

The Scenery

One of the things most people love about the area is the gorgeous natural scenery. When you stay in Concrete you get a better chance to enjoy it because you’re spending more time there. You’ll get views of the beautiful Skagit River, impressive Mount Baker, as well as the tranquil lakes that dot the region. You’re also within an easy drive of several gorgeous areas like Baker Lake, Shadow of the Sentinels trail, North Cascades National Park, Diablo Lake, Trail of the Cedars, and more. You can even get some great scenic views right from the farm itself. That includes an incredible view of the star attraction of the region, Mount Baker.

The Animals

Concrete - Ovenells Heritage Inn
Right next to the cabins and guest houses is a large pasture area. The kids especially loved seeing the cows grazing at different times during the day. Sometimes they’d be close to the house and at other times they’d be on the other side or up in the trees. Up at the main house where you check-in are more animals, including turkeys, chickens, ducks, geese, more cows, and of course the horses. Farm animals aren’t all that you might find at Ovenell’s Heritage Inn. You can also find local wildlife too. We saw a number of deer and a wide variety of different birds. Staying in a beautiful place and being surrounded by animals was a very nice experience for all of us.

The Community

Concrete Washington
A short drive outside the entrance to Ovenell’s Heritage Inn will bring you to the community of Concrete. This is a tiny little town with a very historic feel to it. You’ll find plenty of places to eat, like Cascade Burgers and Perks Espress & Deli, as well as others. The Concrete silos are a great sight to see and make for a nice photo taking opportunity. The historic byway that is laid out in Concrete is very interesting and you can really learn a lot about the town by just getting out and walking around reading the informative signs posted along the route. In many ways, some of the most interesting times we had there were spent just walking around and exploring this little community.

The Surrounding Area

Shadow of the Sentinels
When you visit Concrete, you’re also coming to an area surrounded by lots of fun attractions, mostly involving natural scenery and outdoor recreation. The Shadow of the Sentinels trail located north of the community treats you to a walk through a stunning old growth forest. When you head that direction, you’ll also have a great opportunity to drive across an actual hydroelectric dam. To the west of you will be towns like Rockport and Marblemount which are also fun to explore. Beyond there, you’ll find places like Diablo Lake, the upper Skagit River, several hiking trails, and the North Cascades National Park. Traveling this direction will not only lead you to great natural scenic areas, but also to incredible historic and informational sites like Diablo Dam, Gorge Dam, the North Cascades National Park Visitors Center, Old Number Six train engine, and the historic company town of Newhalem. Finding something to get out and do when you choose to stay in Concrete is an extremely easy thing to do.

The Concrete, Washington area is a very fun area to visit. Whether you’re looking for a small town destination or just looking for a place to spend the night as you explore the North Cascades Highway or the Cascade Loop, Ovenell’s Heritage Inn will serve you well. It’ll let you get away from it all and relax in a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. It’ll also put you right smack in the middle of some of the most beautiful and impressive scenery in the entire Pacific Northwest. Ovenell’s Heritage Inn made our stay in Concrete very memorable.