The Red Lion Hotel in Kalispell, Montana

Kalispell is the gateway to Glacier National Park and all that it offers. This is one of the most popular national parks in America, and it doesn’t take too long to figure just why that is. From the unique history of the place to the incredible scenic beauty, Glacier National Park is a pure treasure.

Kalispell - Red Lion2

We went to Kalispell because of the national park not too long ago and were rewarded well. A great thing happened during our trip though. Glacier National Park was a lot of fun and an unforgettable experience. But Kalispell itself, and its immediate surroundings, ended up being a lot more fun than we had expected too.

While in Kalispell for a few days, we stayed at the Red Lion Hotel. What a beautiful setting there is there and the staff was top notch, being both friendly and knowledgable. They may have even convinced me to come back during the winter months with their bragging about what the local scenery and views looked like then.

I really enjoyed being able to see so much of the community on foot, right from the front door of the Red Lion. Walking around the town was a lot of fun and I found some great eating options located very nearby. Knowing that I was just a short stroll away from returning to my room was a nice feeling too.

Another thing I liked about the Red Lion in Kalispell is that it did not feel like I was staying in a chain motel. The whole place had a unique feel to it, it very much was a Montana lodge. The coppers, granites, and timber beams used throughout the facility really add to the experience. It did feel like it was an escape to a different part of the world, or even a different time.

Kalispell - Red Lion

We went for the fireplace suite and that was a great decision. Yet another great touch that added to the experience. We enjoyed the small private patio, refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, and more. The channel selection for TV was nice and the free wireless internet access, as always, was a welcome feature. The swimming pool was also a plus, as well.

Staying at the Red Lion Hotel during our visit to Kalispell and Glacier National Park was a very good decision.