Staying at the Finlen Hotel in Butte, Montana

Butte is a unique destination and when I came rolling through there last I made sure to stay at a unique accommodation to match.

Finlen Hotel

Looking around Butte, it became clear that the place I wanted to try that weekend was the Finlen Hotel. Here’s a little history, the McDermott Hotel was built in 1889 and at the time was one of the grandest and most ornate hotels in the entire Northwest. It had a short history though as after a change of ownership 13 years later, new owner James Finlen renamed it after himself. Not pleased with the luxury available, he then had the entire hotel torn down and replaced in 1924. The hotel that stands there today is this very same hotel that James Finlen wanted to deliver his new and improved brand of luxury with.

From the outside, the Finlen Hotel is beautiful. I love old architecture and design elements and this has plenty of both. Once inside, it is easy to imagine that this place was the belle of the region all those years ago. To do that, you don’t have to struggle either as it has retained much of the quality, look, and regalness that defines it.

The rooms are very nice and so too are all of the lobby areas. Walking around the Finlen Hotel makes it impossible not to think back on all of the things this place has seen over the years. Some of the many famous names that have stayed in the Finlen over the years include Charles Lindberg, Harry Truman, John F. Kennedy, and Richard Nixon.

Another plus that I enjoyed while staying at the Finlen was that I wasn’t isolated out by the freeway. I was right in the heart of Butte, surrounded by all of the other old architectural classics and plenty of great signs to hunt and take photos of. This really was a special place to stay.

Chalk up the Finlen Hotel as one of the very cool classic hotels still left to enjoy here in the Pacific Northwest.