A Wonderful Stay at Boise’s Hilton Garden Inn

Boise can be a real fun town to visit. There are a lot of things to do in the city, but there are also tons of things to do within an easy drive of the city. Everything there adds up to a great combination of urban and outdoor attractions and experiences.

I’d driven through Boise on my way to other places a few times, but recently I finally had the chance to stop there for a couple days and check everything out. I definitely fell a little bit in love with the city, I don’t mind telling you. The locals are very welcoming, the weather was awesome, and there was plenty to see.


I stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn which ended up being a perfect choice. The rooms were clean, as expected, having stayed at one or two Hilton Garden Inns in the past. Everything about the property was spot on. They offered all kinds of business amenities, everything from photo copying services to a full featured business center.

As a road tripper, I am always looking for some comfort features wherever I lay my head. We hit the jackpot there too with the Hilton Garden Inn in Boise because they offered a complimentary beverage area, fitness center, newstand, convenience store right in the lobby, pool, hot tub, and more. I even sprang for the bed and breakfast package and wasn’t disappointed when the breakfast for four showed up the next morning.


Boise was fun… just as I thought it would be. I really enjoyed driving off into the surrounding landscape and seeing what was there. I also enjoyed knowing that I had a place like the Hilton Garden Inn to come back to at night.