Visit Lake Chelan On A Road Trip Through North Central Washington

Lake Chelan View

A road trip through North Central Washington can be a fun way to see a part of the northwest that you may otherwise not get the chance to. This area is famous for high mountain peaks, rons of great lakes and rivers, lowland agricultural areas, and even scenery that can accurately be described as desertlike. With this wide variety of scenery, it’s no shock that there is plenty to see and do.

One of the top spots to visit in the region is Lake Chelan. This famous 51 mile long lake features cold and crisp water that comes straight from the high Cascade Mountains. Lake Chelan is home to some great water recreation and it also features a fun little community, a small nearby casino, and plenty of the best scenery around. Within an easy drive, you can also find yourself visiting a number of hydroelectric dams, a real old west town, a small Bavarian themed community, and more. You can even take a boat ride to a tiny uplake village that isn’t connected by road to the outside world.

When you stop at Lake Chelan during a visit to this area, you’ll need a great place to stay. Just such a place is waiting for you at Chelan Resort Suites.

Chelan Resort Suites Exterior

Chelan Resort Suites features a stunning location, right on the water and adjacent to a large park and plenty of beach and water access. The condo unit itself is also a positive as it is very comfortable and welcoming. Your condo will also feature some very nice modern amenities, including wireless internet, a barbecue area, and a pool. It really does have all you need to have a great stay on Lake Chelan.

If you’re ready to head out, you’ll love finding out that your condo is placed perfectly to take advantage of the immediate area around the community of Chelan. On the south shore of the lake are Lake Chelan State Park and Twenty-Five Mile State Park, as well as Fields Point Landing. You can venture out on the water too in several ways like kayak, jet ski, and boat rental. You can also buy a ticket on the Lady of the Lake that will take you on a boat ride all the way up the 51 mile long lake. You’ll even have time to get out and wander around Stehekin, a small village that isn’t connected by road to the outside world. On the north shore of the lake you’ll find the rest of Chelan and the small town of Manson. You’ll also find out there the chance to visit the Mill Bay Casino for some fun gaming or entertainment options.

Chelan Resort Suites Kitchen

If you’re just looking for a chance to stretch your legs, you can head out the front door of your condo and walk into town. Chelan is a great community to explore on foot and it’s very easy to find a nice little shop, a great tasting restaurant, or a fun pub or bar. You’ll also be treating yourself to some other great places to view the lake from too. Exploring Chelan on foot can be a lot of fun.

Back at your condo though, Chelan Resort Suites has gone out of their way to give you plent to enjoy back at your home away from home. It’s very easy to have a great time there, whether you want to stay in, go out, or do a combination of both.

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