Stay At Campbell’s Resort When Visiting Lake Chelan

North Central Washington is a beautiful part of the Pacific Northwest, and the perfect area for a road trip. Heading through this area will treat you to the North Cascades, the Bavarian community of Leavenworth, the wide open spaces of the Okanogan area, the Old West town of Winthrop, and all the fresh produce located throughout the region. One of the top places to stop and spend some time at is the small community of Chelan.

Chelan sits on the southeastern end of 50+ mile long Lake Chelan. The area is gorgeous and offers some fun experiences thanks to the water of the lake, the surrounding hillsides, plus local attractions like farms, wineries, museums, state parks, hydroelectric dams, ski areas, wildlife viewing spots, and more.

Chelan also offers a vibrant community that features some top notch restaurants, a nice supply of interesting small shops to explore, and plenty of popular nightspots as well. Getting out and walking around in Chelan can be a lot of fun and a big part of enjoying being there. You always need a place to retreat to and spend the night too. In Chelan, one of the best places is Campbell’s Resort.

Campbells Resort 5

Campbell’s Resort sits on the shore of Lake Chelan and features everything you need to accent your stay in Chelan. In fact, it features everything you need to have a fun time without even leaving the resort. With hundreds of feet of private beach, two swimming pools, two hot tubs, and lots of wide open landscaped area to relax on or for kids to play on. Swimming in the cold mountain water of Lake Chelan right out in front of the resort is a lot of fun too.

Campbells Resort 6

Inside Campbell’s Resort you’ll find clean and comfortable rooms of many types. The decor is very cool too as it really has a true Pacific Northwest flavor. The resort also offers a couple of on-site eating opportunities too which is very nice.

Campbells Resort 2

Chelan is a very popular destination and for very good reason. It really does offer a truly special experience. It’s perfect as a multi-day destination or just a quick overnighter on your way through the area. Either way, Campbell’s Resort can make your stay even better. Whether you want to get out and explore the community and the surrounding area or if you’d like to just hunker down in one spot and relax, it really can serve whatever purpose you have.

When you go to leave Chelan and Campbell’s Resort behind you, you’ll have memories that will remind you just why this place draws visitors from far and wide. You’ll probably even find yourself recommending it to others as a great place to go.

Campbells Resort 4

Campbell’s Resort in Chelan has been welcoming visitors for a very long time. It’s remained one of the top draws in the region and staying there will show you just why that is. You can trust you’ll have a top notch stay at this first class resort.

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