One Photo:  Who Is Watching Who In Ocean Shores?

I pulled up to the stop sign in Ocean Shores and this cute little deer stopped nibbling on the grass and our eyes locked.  I couldn’t resist the impulse and this photo had to be taken.

There’s a lot to see in Ocean Shores, Washington and the deer who wander all over the sandy peninsula are a fun little bonus.  This got me thinking later thiugh, that’s just my perspective.  What’s the deer’s view on the tourists and locals who stop to watch them or take their photos?

Silly humans, shouldn’t you be foraging for food or looking for a place to bed down for the night?!

Come to think of it, as I was running into town for a bite to eat before checking into my vacation rental, the deer and I were kind of on the same track.

Five Great Seattle Attractions Within Walking Distance Of The Space Needle

Space Needle

Space Needle

The Space Needle is one of the most popular attractions in all of Seattle. It’s so popular and well known that it is really an iconic part of the city that is recognized by travelers around the world.

Usually we focus on attractions and destinations you can reach within an easy drive. If you’re already in Seattle and visiting the Space Needle though, you might just need a list of things to see and do within an easy walk from the Space Needle. Here, we’ll give you just that.

Check out these five great Seattle attractions within walking distance of the Space Needle.

The International Fountain

The International Fountain is located just steps away from the Space Needle. This is one of those featured Seattle attractions you’ll love spending time at if you are traveling with your kids. You can grab a bite to eat from a food vendor or a local eating establishment and head over to the fountain to enjoy the show. The pattern of water changes and includes the occassional huge cannon shot of water straight up. Relax and enjoy this free entertainment option while you eat or just kick back and take in the experience. If you dare, you can venture down the ramp and run around in the water too.

Olympic Sculpture Park

Located a few blocks southeast of the Space Needle, the Olympic Sculpture Park is something you may end up enjoying even more than you think you would. Enjoy the outdoors while still being in the city as you walk the pathways and stop and take in the interesting works of art there. This outdoor art gallery is really something to see. You can also get some great views of the waterfront and Puget Sound while you are there too.

Museum of Pop Culture

The Museum of Pop Culture is another attraction that is located very near to the Space Needle. It would literally take you a matter of minutes to walk from one to the other. This museum is a little different than most you have attended. It’s set up with the goal of preserving and presenting unique examples of American culture and includes items from rock music, science fiction, horror, advertising, and more. It’s even home to the Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame. This is easily the most memorable museum in the Pacific Northwest.

Dick’s Drive-In

Some may see it as just another fast food restaurant. Residents and regular visitors to Seattle though know that Dick’s is more of a tradition in the city. Dick’s was first opened in Seattle in 1954 and over the years grew to multiple locations and to be part of the classic Seattle experience. It offers a very small menu filled with many of the items you’d expect to find there. Dick’s is dedicated to quality though and also dedicated to its community. The Dick’s Drive-In that is located just a couple of blocks northwest of the Space Needle is the only one in the local chain that offers inside seating. Go there, have a burger, get a milkshake, and enjoy one of the classic Seattle experiences yourself.

Elliott Bay Trail

West of the Space Needle, down on the waterfront is the Elliott Bay Trail. This trail connects to the upper city and offers walkers, joggers, and bicyclists the chance to easily get down to the water and the waterfront area. Once you reach the trail from the Space Needle, you can head north and see some of the very interesting cruise ships, docks, and marinas. You’ll also be seeing some of the less frequented parts of the Seattle Waterfront. You can also head south from where you’ll be joining the Elliott Bay Trail towards the more popular part of the waterfront that features the washington State Ferry terminal, restaurants, shops, and the Seattle Great Wheel. Taking the time to walk to the Elliott Bay Trail can make your visit to the Space Needle so much more enjoyable.

Explore The Methow Valley While Staying At The Ranch

The Ranch The River Bank And Trees

The Ranch Wood Stove

Taking a road trip to a part of the northwest you haven’t been to before is a great way to set yourself up for a fabulous time. One area that is really worth exploring is the Methow Valley in North Central Washington.

The Methow Valley, home to the Methow River, is a beautiful rural area peppered with small towns and great scenery. If you love outdoor recreation, then this is the place for you. You’ll also be happy though just going on a scenic drive, visiting one of the many local communities, checking out some historical sites, or venturing off to capture some photos of some of the best scenery around.

One vacation property that really helps your time there be all that it can be is The Ranch.

The Ranch Bench

The Ranch features a welcoming and cozy decor, along with some great amenities. The kitchen is fully stocked which makes for some fun meals in your home away from home, and also helps save money rather than eating out too. If you travel with a pet, The Ranch features an outdoor enclosed pen that connects right up to the house. The wireless internet at The Ranch is a nice addition to the rural surroundings too. All of the furniture, from the living area to the bedrooms, is very comfortable too. If there is a chill in the air, the wood stove will be a nice feature that you can take advantage of too.

Outdoors, you’ll love your time at The Ranch. There are trails that head off in several directions, and some of them link up to other local trail systems. You’ll also have relatively easy access, via a trail down the bank, to the Methow River that runs right by your vacation home away from home. Kick back and enjoy the sound of the rushing water if you’d like. If you really want to, you can also splash around in the cold mountain water.

Venturing out from The Ranch will allow you to see things like the Old West town of Winthrop, the Columbia River community of Pateros, the high mountain beauty of Washington Pass and the North Cascades Highway, as well as attractions a little farther away like Grand Coulee Dam, Chief Joseph Dam, Lake Chelan, Rocky Reach Dam, and Wenatchee.

The Ranch The River Bank And Trees

If outdoor recreation is your thing, depending on what time of year you’re visiting, you’ll have choices like hiking, skiing, river rafting, water skiing, hot air ballooning, rock climbing, mountain biking, and more.

A visit to the Methow Valley can be a lot of fun and to make the most of it, you should look into staying at a great rural vacation home, The Ranch.

Check out The Ranch online:

The Ranch in the Methow Valley

One Photo:  Wheat Surrounds Vintage Barn Art

I really didn’t have a chance here.  There were too many things that jumped out as I was driving through Waterville, Washington

First, there’s the obvious.  Some great old barn art that tells a fun story regarding days gone by.  Second, the owner knows how cool what he has is and has restored the old advertising so it looks brand new!  Third, the golden wheat that surrounds the barn turns what is essentially a view of a sign into a scenic vista.  Fifth, the lack of anything significant in the background adds to the feeling of remoteness.

Yeah, I didn’t have a chance hete.  Some photo opportunities you find and some find you.

Visit Lake Chelan On A Road Trip Through North Central Washington

Chelan Resort Suites Exterior

Lake Chelan View

A road trip through North Central Washington can be a fun way to see a part of the northwest that you may otherwise not get the chance to. This area is famous for high mountain peaks, rons of great lakes and rivers, lowland agricultural areas, and even scenery that can accurately be described as desertlike. With this wide variety of scenery, it’s no shock that there is plenty to see and do.

One of the top spots to visit in the region is Lake Chelan. This famous 51 mile long lake features cold and crisp water that comes straight from the high Cascade Mountains. Lake Chelan is home to some great water recreation and it also features a fun little community, a small nearby casino, and plenty of the best scenery around. Within an easy drive, you can also find yourself visiting a number of hydroelectric dams, a real old west town, a small Bavarian themed community, and more. You can even take a boat ride to a tiny uplake village that isn’t connected by road to the outside world.

When you stop at Lake Chelan during a visit to this area, you’ll need a great place to stay. Just such a place is waiting for you at Chelan Resort Suites.

Chelan Resort Suites Exterior

Chelan Resort Suites features a stunning location, right on the water and adjacent to a large park and plenty of beach and water access. The condo unit itself is also a positive as it is very comfortable and welcoming. Your condo will also feature some very nice modern amenities, including wireless internet, a barbecue area, and a pool. It really does have all you need to have a great stay on Lake Chelan.

If you’re ready to head out, you’ll love finding out that your condo is placed perfectly to take advantage of the immediate area around the community of Chelan. On the south shore of the lake are Lake Chelan State Park and Twenty-Five Mile State Park, as well as Fields Point Landing. You can venture out on the water too in several ways like kayak, jet ski, and boat rental. You can also buy a ticket on the Lady of the Lake that will take you on a boat ride all the way up the 51 mile long lake. You’ll even have time to get out and wander around Stehekin, a small village that isn’t connected by road to the outside world. On the north shore of the lake you’ll find the rest of Chelan and the small town of Manson. You’ll also find out there the chance to visit the Mill Bay Casino for some fun gaming or entertainment options.

Chelan Resort Suites Kitchen

If you’re just looking for a chance to stretch your legs, you can head out the front door of your condo and walk into town. Chelan is a great community to explore on foot and it’s very easy to find a nice little shop, a great tasting restaurant, or a fun pub or bar. You’ll also be treating yourself to some other great places to view the lake from too. Exploring Chelan on foot can be a lot of fun.

Back at your condo though, Chelan Resort Suites has gone out of their way to give you plent to enjoy back at your home away from home. It’s very easy to have a great time there, whether you want to stay in, go out, or do a combination of both.

Check out Chelan Resort Suites online:
Chelan Resort Suites – Lake Chelan

04/04/2017 – Pacific Northwest Social Media Greatest Hits

PNW Social Media Greatest Hits

Another week gone and we are full on into the great weather of a Pacific Northwest spring. Here’s a look at some of the best we could find on social media for the region.

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One Photo:  An Oversized Rocking Chair In Packwood, Washington

Ever feel like you need to stop and take a break while out on a road trip?  Well, what a welcome sight this is, right?

This oversized wooden rocking chair, a chair you probably would need some assistance climbing up into, sits in front of the fire station in Packwood, Washington.  I caught it out of the corner of my eye and it immediately reminded me of those humorous tourist attractions that were popular years ago like “the world’s biggest ball of twine” or “America’s largest cow statue”.

Well, I fell for it.  Even got a photo of the two kids sitting next to each other on it with plenty of room to spare.

03/21/2017 – Pacific Northwest Social Media Greatest Hits

PNW Social Media Greatest Hits

It’s been another week in the Pacific Northwest and that’s seven days closer to nice weather and long road trips. We took a look around on social media within the region and this is what we found. Enjoy!